What did you believe before Open Theism?


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"How we got here" is helpful especially for those of us not Open Theists (me and the rest of Christianity). What did you believe before you became an Open Theist? How did you jump the hurdles? How big were they at the time? How resistant or ready were you upon hearing about Open Theism?


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Growing up my family went to a Christ's Church and another that I don't recall the denomination of, and I attended a Lutheran school.

Then we moved after I finished 4th grade, and we started going to a Baptist church, and attending the school that they hosted. 5th grade to 9th grade.

Then we moved again, and started going to an offshoot of one of Mark Gungor's churches in the town we lived in. 10th grade to graduation.

Then we moved again, and started attending Mark Gungor's church. Got my first job living there in Green Bay.

Then we moved again, to the town I currently live in, and started attending another of that type of praise and worship churches with a full band and singers, dancing, and "speaking in tongues." Started work as a truck driver in 2014.

Started listening to Bob Enyart in 2015, and been listening ever since, and got hooked on what he taught.

Then I moved out into my own place around 2017/2018, and tried attending a Bible church just outside of town, but it just wasn't the same as Denver Bible Church, and I pretty much stopped going. Lovely people, and do want to attend again at some point.

As far as what I personally believed, however, I didn't really hold to any particular belief, other than that God did exist, and, having asked Christ to come into my heart in fifth grade (while attending the school at the Baptist church), I guess you could call me a typical run-of-the-mill Baptist, but I wasn't particularly beholden to any of my beliefs, and until 2015, I definitely wasn't living a Christian life. But Bob's ministry helped me turn my life around, and I've been an open theist/mid-acts dispensationalist ever since I listened to his Plot seminar.