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  • Thanks for the encouragement and for following me, Derf. I'll try not to let you down. :)
    Your posts to Skeeter were priceless. I don't follow very many, but let's see how it goes.
    Look at the time lapse of the sun on a flat earth in my Conspiracy thread. It shows how the sun operates on a flat earth. The "poles" sun movement is also easily explained in flat earth. I've shown it in other videos and it's solid evidence.
    Oops, pos rep: "using Knight's Darth Vader icon?" :chuckle: Hello Derf
    Thank you for your thoughts. I am doing well and enjoying time with family. 4 of them have Birthdays all in a row, and right next to Christmas and New Years! Hope you are doing well also. In the graces of our Lord and Savior, -Lon
    I'm sorry that you think we "both" are behaving like children. I did my best to rise above his childish insults and to ask him a simple question which he was unable to answer - "How is an infant who has perished in molten lava able to feel torment in the molten lava". It was his own premise that an infant who is thrown into molten lava will remain tormented in it. Since he was unable to answer, he decided to insult me instead. And then all of the ECTists (now including you) jumped on board. If Okdoser is your kind of person (and I've seen proof that he is a sadist) then that proves that you are not willing to look at the evidence objectively, even though you claim that you are.

    I would have much more repect for you and for any ECTist who would be willing to say to Okdoser, "Although I agree with you in principle, you should not act like this." It is extremely telling that not a single ECTist was willing to do this.
    Okdoser is making your side look insane. He has lost his mind, and there isn't a single ECTist who says to him "Shut up, you are making us look bad!"
    I guess anything goes when a person commits to eternal torture. (for others)
    You've a lot of Open sentiment and speak the language so you should consider yourself heavily leaning toward that theology. For me, it is troublesome theology because it tends to think and make God part of the universe, rather than Creator of it, by logic and necessity to it to hold. My rep was simply to say that we tend to address the Open View here, even if the one we are speaking to isn't, just to cover as many bases. -Lon
    If ur interested to see my reason and logic of rejecting ECT....I've given u a link to a good portion of earlier commentary and plenty shared recently. I tire of going over the same stuff, but do my share of creative dialogue anyways. I do not fear a fictitious caricature of 'God'.....plain and simple and do not hold the Bible as being the sole or final authority in such matters because it's not perfect. I respect a discussion within a biblical-context but as an eclectic I'm not limited to such definitions so may share material from other religious-philosophical schools on any given subject. There is also room for speculation on points within most schools of thought. We can continue this on the thread...a response forthcoming.
    18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.
    I do not fear a 'God' of ECT, for I don't believe in such. However, I never claimed I didn't believe in 'God' as you seem to assume elsewhere. - but that depends on how we define or characterise 'God'.
    Hi derf, I've shared more than enough on ECT in the thread in question, in my blog link which links older commentaries. I think that sufficiently covers my observations on the subject. I reject ECT on principle alone, for starters. Hence 'conditional immortality', 'universalism' and more liberal schools of Spiritualist and Theosophical traditions resonate more with me. Since you apparently have not read my former commentaries on Timetheos thread, you cant see where I have supported his position on 'conditional immortality' by showing the injustice, immorality and cruelty of ECT, and biblical support for 'conditional immortality'....yet there is also passage support for universalism. You dont have the total picture. I take no dogmatic view or assumption of what the Bible teaches since it can be interpreted so many ways.
    Just linking u to my previous posts if u were interested to see my former thoughts on the subject. Good day
    Hi derf....have u read all my commentary on ECT already covered here ? It might be a lot...but will show you my thoughts and research on the subject so far :) - for those who take a literal approach to bible translation, 'conditional immortality' has ample passage support. Others views also have their 'proof texts' subject to inspection or speculation. I still reject ECT on principle alone...and find a 'biblical' solution or absolute answer on soul eschatology to be complex, to which one must resort to reason, logic and conscience to conclude anything, also accepting some things being unknown or unknowable at present.
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