toldailytopic: What does it take to survive on TOL, and can you predict those who wil


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It's all in the choice of username and avatar. :)

There are a few guidelines:
Anyone with a number in their name is probably a whacko.
Four letters and three digits = banned in record time.
Guys with chicks in their avatars - weird.
Name too long - flames out.
Name too short - never gets noticed.
Animal names and avatars are to be avoided.
Those using God's names tend to be fairly ephemeral as do those who use their own name or occupation.
Changing username once is a good indicator of a stable user.

As always - beware the exceptions!

To be safe, stick with 5-6 letters, one word, no numbers, add a letter after a while, nothing declaring a religious affiliation, personal details or employment.


Worth repeating. :)