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  • Just asking because youve been exclusively
    allowing it towards me ? Now cross reference has escalated his hate to putting my personal name on a post in the pisteuo thread in ECT . When I first talked to him , he asked to Skype with me which I thought was kind of strange . After giving him my teachers name and my name in private , he now uses it as a club to continue to misrepresent and name calling , not to mention derailing my thread . I'm sure you and the other kids know all about it , so if you would rather tell me to leave just say the word .
    Hi Mr Knight , this is faither , I'm trying to have meaningful discussion on my " pisteuo , the secret of the universe thread ".

    Am I not wanted or welcome here by you as well as the 20 people I have had to put on ignore as the result of their misrepresentations and name-calling ?
    Hey Knight, I can't give rep power to anybody lately, going on 5 days now. I can only thank folks for some reason.
    The Tapatalk app is sending me an error message on login: Invalid License. Forum not available on this app.
    Hey, are you going to start this year's NFL regular season thread or should one of us? We were mulling the point in Nick's off season thread.
    You know, I just had a decent conversation with someone I'd never have thought possible to manage it with...we got past our boxing gloves and saw two touchy Christians staring at each other across the ring. Reminded me why I love this place. Just when you think you have it in your hip pocket it can surprise you.
    Would you consider putting the Exclusively Christian Theology board back to "Only Christians" allowed in? I am running across "others" which seem to be muslims trying to cause confusion in our doctrine.
    Well, it wasn't much, but I raided my mad money jar and managed to find $20.00 for the cause. Which in grad student terms is four cheap pizzas from Little Caesars. :eek:
    Hi knight,...I noticed a few of my posts I made last night are gone :( - was there a period of time during the hosting switch that some posts may have been erased or not made it to be officially posted? thanks!'
    Sounds like she's in good hands. God bless her. My wife suffered from debilitating migraines until the birth of our son stopped them. There are few more helpless feelings than when our spouse or children suffer and we can't fix it. I know you both have the right foundation to meet it, but I hate to hear of it and will keep you in my prayers. I hope she finds a permanent release from it.
    I have to say I'm impressed with how this new shake out is going. I think in sum they've made the place more interesting and entertaining, learning curve notwithstanding. I hope it helps boost interest from the old guard and acts as a draw for new traffic/membership. I think it's a huge step toward competitiveness in the social media sense. Thanks for the particular. I hated but understood the photo loss in Jack's thread, but it just opens the canvas moving forward. . .so thanks for the hard work. I hope it pays off in every imaginable way. :thumb:
    Knight, it has been 72 hours since my last rep, it won't give me any more. I still thank nearly every post, do you think that's counting as reps ? I thought they were separate somehow.
    The quotes thing is even better. Nice. This thing is starting to shake out as an improvement. Didn't think it could, but son of a gun.
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