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  • Seen earlier and thanked. :)

    They did - just goes to show that the majority of outlets aren't leftist oriented, they're profit oriented. Trump's been their golden cash cow since 2016. I'm specifically saying outlets instead of journalists, since there's a finer distinction to be made with them, some have been doing an outstanding job only to be told to tone it down...
    Oh, that's awesome! :cloud9: That's a great addition to my day. :)

    On the rep comment: :chuckle: Good to know.
    Thank you. :) I was inspired by this great quote from Octavia E. Butler:

    "In order to rise from its own ashes, a phoenix first must burn."
    Just decided to drop by on a whim. :)

    Hope all is well with you, enjoy your summer and your family, time goes fast.

    Since I lowered my expectations for happiness, life has become easier to manage. For what it's worth. :eek:
    :chuckle: Yup, whip lash to a whole new level. It's just beyond facepalm...and of course the troll brigade has "weighed" in with some rocks...only a shame they weren't taken from the bridge.
    I can't say I blame you. Seems pretty obvious that some feel as though they got a raw deal at some point but who knows. There's no rationality from the naysayers and some of the stuff put forward is some bonkers it's gone past the ridiculous. Now there shouldn't be such a thing as speed limits apparently...
    Well, if we've got it in hand then it's better than foot in mouth...:D I think Wiz has had the best input to be fair.

    I reckon you should weigh in though.

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