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  • Are you really? One of my best friends is dyslexic and I love getting emails from her...:think:...they're like an odd combination of a find-a-word/wordscramble mixed into a personal note. :thumb:
    Your? :squint: Well, at least it wasn't UR...I'm guessing you are a graduate of public school? :D And we're all out of soda too, thanks to that good for nothing zoo...though if you ever need nothing he's loaded...which would explain the incoherency of much of his writing. :think:
    Thanks Dena...great pics, though the burning cross made me nervous (a Southern reflex) and I think you might have accidentally adopted a monkey...that or you got an Eastern Block kid (they shave at around four years of age...and the boys even sooner). :shocked: :D
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