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  • I have just teased you and Perse for leaving at the same time but I do not want you offended and hope you are well and will enjoy coming back here soon.
    You definitely inspire me, Granite. :)

    Excuse me for coming to your personal page TH :)
    It is quite the cat's meow it seems. Wonder what happened yesterday?
    I got it. I should be respectful of the sensitivities present on a religious board. I thought it was Theology Online, I guess they should change it to Jesus Inc. Online, given the seemingly one sided mentality of the place.

    Oh well.

    How's the novel coming?
    I think the point I made was perfectly valid. If you're offended that I used Jesus' name in a context that might suggest he was lazy, then you need to lighten up.
    I wanted to bring some tissue for you, but its the internet. Sorry, didnt know neg reps were such a big deal.
    "A tip toe through New Age Critical Thinking" may well be an appropriate subtitle...or something along those lines. would sell.
    I have no idea what you just said my brain is fried. Where is the ketchup?
    And please remember I am the one who has felt it right to stand against a group.
    I am tired, so keep it simple if you say anything else, please.

    And NO, I am not young, would you get a grip, young man?
    You actually descend when you watch The Descent. If you do, just make sure you Let The Right One In.
    Ok, Mr TH, I will call you that, ok? (At least for a time)
    I was wondering how long I could keep calling you Mr Heretic anyway,
    it struck me that it might be shockingly funny, but it seemed shockingly inappropriate and wrong instead.
    Hope everything goes well finishing your novel and that inspiration abounds for you. I think you have a very refreshing way of writing!
    If you can see this, Mr Heretic, thank you for explaining that to me!
    Very kind and patient of you, sir. :)
    Glad to hear we're fine. I deleted most of my explanation about my sz son being in jail on suicide watch, not sure if you read it.

    I'm so sorry for being so mean.
    I am not anymore fragile than anyone else going through the same thing, I must add, though I did take it out on you. Sorry but you've already learned that I'm moody due to circumstances beyond my control and you've distanced yourself. I don't blame you.
    I apologize.

    Many thanks, but she's just off on a tear she'll regret when she's leveled out. She does this "I know as much or more" dance now and then, though I've never claimed to know more about politics than anyone. And I put that bit in my signature to acknowledge that humility isn't my strong suit...

    BC doesn't tend respond well to disagreement, but good gravy, I thought I was in the schoolyard for a moment. Just bizarre. So I went back and erased my part in it and will hope for the best.
    He J-walked and that's the original charge but of course he wouldn't give his name or DOB, he said F-YOU to each question asked.

    If I seem a little distraught, I am.
    My son is on suicide watch in jail right now. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm not. You have yet to have such things to experience when posting your smart-alec posts that you get such a kick out of. I AMMMMMMMMMMMMMM moody sometimes and at times I get tired of know-it-all-ness.

    Found this on the net.

    Obstructing is an act, either verbal or physical that interferes with the officers job. Resisting is fighting to keep from being arrested either physically or by trying to elude them.
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