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  • I tried to PM you but couldn’t. Check your mail if you get a chance.
    Well you're sure not charming your way over here. :plain:

    I'll watch it later today and let you know, right now I'm heading out to do my shopping. :)
    Wishfully, a year. Realistically, not sure. UK and Australia are actually my first choices, unfortunately we can’t drive there.

    I hate to seem pessimistic, but I am not convinced that the US will ever heal after all of the destruction that Trump and his GOP have brought onto this country.
    Get over here and I'll hand you a mop upside the head... :mmph:

    Planning on watching that, for sure, I already found and bookmarked it. :)
    Eh, same here. Glad the new Fall shows are coming out. I may go over to D101 later to vent about the embarrassment who is currently occupying the Oval Office.

    We are planning to relocate out of the country as soon as humanly possible. Most likely to Canada.
    Well hello... :) Visit is going well thanks, I'm so happy to see everyone, but it's a whirlwind. :chuckle:

    I try to hide out for a few minutes here and there to recharge my batteries...
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