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  • Been a long time indeed and good to see you! Are you going to hang around here for a bit?
    Likewise. I will stick around for a bit. Probably wont post much in the threads though 😄
    :chuckle: I just can't imagine you needing absolution, Sela.

    October is such a good month to be in California, but I have to say it follows a long, hot dry season - and believe me when the first rain comes in Nov. or Dec., I'm likely to pull up a chair and enjoy the show since it's usually been a good 6 months or more since we've seen rain here. And your autumn colors must be so gorgeous... I'm envious of that, we really don't get much in the way of fall color here. So you see, there's a price to be paid for good weather and no snow. Try to hold that thought the next time you're scraping ice off your car. :chuckle:
    That video... :rotfl:

    I just assumed you were immune to cold I guess. :chuckle: Myself, I’m sitting on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean right now (Del Mar) and it’s currently a sunny 74 degrees. :D. I don’t know if I can post a photo from my phone, if not I’ll try later from my laptop.

    Keep on keepin on... it’s the human condition, isn’t it?
    That's a great color choice, I have a room that color too, also because restful and calm. :)

    Do you have a garden?
    :chuckle: I'm just imagining that...

    I'm sure it looks just fine, what looks noticeable to you is probably imperceptible to anyone else. :) What color did you paint it?

    Love that video you posted, just beautiful. I raised little boys who ran in capes, so it's especially poignant to me.
    You're a brave man. :chuckle:

    But you know, being with young people keeps you young.

    I'm doing all right, pretty much at where I was a year ago in our ongoing profile conversation where I said "amazing what lowered expectations can do for you" and you know, it's still true. :chuckle:

    Did you travel for vacation or is it a staycation?
    Nice, at various times I think about getting something on the Quran too. I'd like to better understand it. Most of my exposure to Islam and the Quran is from conservative Christians who probably aren't very objective with what they say.

    Not familiar with Macdonald or apokatastasis. Fascinating that he had an influence on Lewis and Tolkien though. I'll try to check him out. And the article. Thanks for the link. :up:

    Have you ever heard of The New International Commentary on the New Testament? I came across it a couple months ago and bought their Mathew book. It's over 1200 pages! :noway: I've been enjoying it so far. Reading a little bit each weekend. Some interesting info.
    I think I'm going to check out one of Paul's epistles also. Maybe Colossians because the author, Scot McKnight, wrote another book that I recently read.
    1500 is too long. :chuckle: Speaking of Tolkien, did you see the new movie about his life? I haven't yet but I'd like to.
    What kind of things to do? (Yes, I'm being nosey) . And summer vacations are always good.

    I remember it too. I remember Kmo being absolutely rubbish at the game and then suddenly turning into an expert pilot...

    Count! How are you?

    It goes up and down here. Good to see you, hope you're well?


    (Remember that copter game me you and Kmo used to play...? I know, random, right?)
    :chuckle: Yep, still surrounded by alpacas too. Have to keep them happy. :noid:

    Good news on the heresey. :eek: Are you enjoying that series? I haven't read those. Never watched the show either. My gf read the books and I think mostly enjoyed them. Who knows if Martin will ever finish the series. If I was a fan of the books I'd be so mad at how long he's taking. For fiction right now I'm reading the 2nd book in what will become a trilogy. Kingdom of Copper.
    Book 1 is
    I'm doing pretty well. Same old stuff for the most part. Same job. Same girlfriend. Same house. Still reading this and that. :chuckle: How have you been? Anything new?

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