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  • Thanks for checking Jerry's thread. He could not have been the one to close it as he is but a blue level member. I guess one of the mods closed it.
    Hi nikolai,....I wondered if you saw my response to Clete here in the 'forgiveness thread' and agreed with any part of it....I link to a former post of mine as well, with explanations when we are still to forgive, even if we don't know the other person has repented via certain circumstances/situations. I saw your inter-action with Clete later in the thread....but still need to read thru it. I of course hold a more liberal interpretation since I don't necessarily hold to any 'blood-atonement' concept, beyond some esoteric symbolism, while forgiveness is more of an inward gesture of release (letting go), releasing persons and situation wholly to God after you've done all you can to make peace. Thanks!
    Coming from SDA roots of twisting Scripture and Ellen White it is no wonder the man and his acolyte Pate are confused.
    Many of the NAZI hierarchy were into the occult. I can't help but feel the attacks on Jews and Christians had other worldly beginnings. There's been a rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. I can't help but feel the anti-Christian activities in Africa and the Middle East will confine itself there, if left unchecked. It will spread and Europe is next.
    With respect to Turkish Islam, the Turkish brand is every bit as dangerous and it will be interesting to see how NATO reacts or doesn't. NATO sat on the sidelines when Greece and Turkey were fighting over Cypress. Both Greece and Turkey are NATO members.
    "Quickening" is a synonym for regeneration in my opinion, a new nature—natural inherited disposition of the will—wherein we now possess the moral ability to sin or not to sin and therefore are unwilling to reject the Good News.
    Actually the Reformed view is regeneration precedes faith. The unregenerate cannot believe given their state of moral depravity (Jer. 17:9; Mark 7:21-23; John 3:19; Rom. 3:10-12; Rom. 5:6; Eph. 2:1; Eph. 2:3; 1 Cor. 2:14; Rom. 6:16-20). Once given the moral ability to believe, faith is the fruit of said regeneration. It is the Arminian view that faith comes before regeneration, given the view that man is capable of choosing wisely. To the Reformed this is merit based justification, in that God "rewards" the wise choice, which also means man has reason to boast. It leaves one in the uncomfortable position, when pressed, of explaining why one is more wiser than his neighbor.
    There is a logical ordering of the ordo salutis, one that we could deduce from Scripture related to God's decree. Temporally, there are aspects that blur the strict ordering and are usually matters of debate around theological precision. Think of the "now/not yet" aspect of our salvation. In one sense we are indeed saved, in another, we are "being saved" when one considers "saved" to mean the full chain of redemption.
    exactly. one who is born again will begin a life of growing in righteous living and love. thus not only continuing but increasing in faith and the fruits.

    what the lord has started He will finish. phillipians 1:6

    and the proof that one is not born again is that he continues in sin
    what is born of the spirit cannot die.
    3 john tells of this.

    nice question
    Please uphold this biblical apologetic, brother. I am discredited as a female, to do so!
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