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  • hi WBM - can i work for you someday maybe ? i work hard and cheap cuz i got no skills. basic gopher stuff
    Hi WBM
    I haven't seen that book. Looks very interesting.
    Will have to have a look at it.

    Blessings, bro!
    yes, i remember now; i saw a post where you told about your business and employees - God Bless you and yours ! ! !
    ooops sorry wbm, I was responding to your post but somehow thought that Patrick Jane wrote it! lol - anyways, let things apply where they may :)
    Furthermore, my religious studies include MUCH MORE beyond the UB, it just so happens that certain people are targeting the UB here, and so as one familiar with the text, I naturally engage the discussion, adding where I see appropriate.
    thanks pj,...I stand for facts and correct presentation, as a philosopher and theologian ;) - there's a place for humor of course, but GM is misconstruing that humor to a derogatory low. Its ridiculous, but allowed here. I've corrected these 'buffoons' about the UB NOT being a UFO Cult, but they are too intellectually lazy to accept such facts, since they have only their 'presuppositions', 'assumptions', prefigured biased opinions, etc. In any case,...as Ron White says, 'you cant fix stupid'. If any want to have an actual 'creative dialogue' (constructive discussion),...I'm all about that. When it dives down into defamation, ridicule, bigotry and wilfull ignorance about the subject matter, and untenable behavior....things become pointless. I remain an optimist, nevertheless :thumb:
    Don't forget, like I have, you can 'customize' your profile, give it some pizzaz, be creative :) - expand, explore, innovate. Also, you have a TOL Blog too, u can add to....like I have. See 'blog entries' ;)
    Thanks wbm,...I try :) - I'm a mystic too, but not sure how you define or use that 'term' in your moniker. Feel free to help yourself to all commentaries, as I pursue 'creative dialogue' for the most part, as part of my MO, but can verge off the beaten path as too 'free' a 'light' for the more 'rigid' ones here, but that adds some fun, even though things can get a bit 'tense' at times. I'm interested in your background/journey and current studies, so will look into what I can find of yours on that note. Namaste :)
    Hi wbm,.....if you consulted my blog-portal and commentaries on ECT (which I question) here....you may see that I reference some insights from the Urantia Book (UB), as it teaches that some souls can/do choose the 'second death', which is final,...that soul is disintegrated more or less, it forfeits its life-potential/immortality....and whatever is of eternal value within that soul is re-absorbed or returned to 'God' (the greater collective Spirit/Over-Soul), and there are more details on that process. So, it presents a definitely 'conditional immortality' paradigm, but within new terms/meanings in a greater cosmological context. In any case,....I'm predisposed usually towards Universalism, and next the concept of 'soul-death' (annihilation/extinction), while finding the ECT concept the least convincing and problematic ;)
    I don't think that comports with a plain reading of the text. That has to be smuggled into it to deduce the open theist position on it. Now, I don't want to say there is not a limitation of sorts within the hypostatic union which has been discussed in other passages; however, Jesus clearly did not limit himself in this passage; he made it clear of what he foreknew in that text.
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