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  • Paul explains that tongues are not a devotional prayer language. He says the opposite of what those that are still demon possessed say. He says in conclusion, "tongues are for unbelievers". Not "tongues are your private prayer".

    He calls it a mystery and is not edifying. What is edifying to the speaker is to preach in a tongue the foreigner can understand. When nobody understood, it was useless gibberish.

    And finally, he said it was coming to a stop. Most think canon completion.

    Your interpretation is so wrong of what is meant by that. Like your red reps you give me saying, "Get saved", I think you need to get off of your high horse and read the "entire" Bible and not take a verse out of context.

    The key to understanding Paul's comment about tongues being a sign [of judgment] for unbelievers. Notice that there were other Jews who also heard the foreign languages but did not understand them because they were Jews resident in Jerusalem and not from the diaspora. Their response was entirely different: “Others mocking said, ‘They are full of new wine’ ” (Acts 2:13). This is key: the praises and wonderful works of God were not proclaimed in the Hebrew or Aramaic which would have been expected due to God’s previous focus on Israel and the Jews. Instead, He was using Gentile languages. In short: those skeptical Jews who were native to Jerusalem were being judged because God was not speaking in their language. These Jews thought the disciples were drunk with wine, a misunderstanding which Peter had to explain (Acts 2:15). This is very similar to the OT motive of God judging those who He had spoken to plainly: when they refused to listen, He “spoke to them” through foreigners--whose actions they could not deny as being empowered by God.
    LOL Nick...I am neither evil, or stupid..I just read the verse for what it says. Keep your rude comments to yourself.
    Hey dude. Why don't you get that scientific expertise of yours over to the thread where you spit your dummy out? (again) Read up on radioisotope dating yet?

    When God tells me to repent for speaking the truth, I will...until then, He has reminded me that you are not my God.
    Nick: "very bad advice...God put the Bible in the order he did for a reason, and you spit in his face...repent"

    Why don't you go take a long walk, and get over yourself?

    If you do not know the difference between the old and new covenants, it is due to your teachers...not me...and, I will speak the truth..whether you want to hear it or not. I will not repent for speaking the truth..there is no salvation in the old covenant, and the blood of bulls and goats will never take away sin; only by the new and living way; through Jesus shed blood, is it done; which all whom walk by faith embrace. Yet you have them as faith plus works of the law, when the law can only work death as written. Take a break if you need to...enhale, exhale.
    stop sending me neg reps telling me to repent, because I believe we are in the new covenant in Jesus is adding to what you are going to have to one day repent of, LOL
    ..and, stop neg repping me, because it adds nothing to your stance in Christ...or it takes nothing away from mine. The neg rep thing, is nothing more than silliness, in is a tool that is used by those whom think it can add to their opinion, when in fact, if you are wrong, you are wrong...nothing can change facts.
    When the Lord leads me to repent of salvation by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, which is the NEW covenant; I will do so..until then, I suggest you find out what the new covenant is.

    You said:

    "repent of your false gospel"

    I have nothing to repent of. I believe in the ONE and ONLY gospel that DOES save..not in two, like you.
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