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  • Howdy, elo! I've been hanging in there. Just got some surprising but happy news tonight. My sister is pregnant! I'm still a little in shock. :chuckle: How have you been?

    Yes. I have also been there in that place myself. I could not help but agree in prayer. Bless you for first having seen it and saying the prayer.
    I saw your answer....just haven't had the time with work and all to get you a reply. I will try tonight
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    They are fully appreciated.
    Very best wishes;
    I think the closest it gets is the place you already referenced: 345-349. You may also be interested in Dies Domini, especially 13-15. :e4e:
    It's not that it isn't necessary to keep the heart of the law, in fact the Catechism devotes a very large section to the ten commandments. As the Catechism says, we must keep the sabbath in a certain way, even if it is Sunday instead of Saturday. It is precisely the heart of the sabbath that is kept. :e4e:
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