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  • Everyone has "bailed out" on me when it comes to my garden, this year. Since my neighbor hasn't finished tilling for me and my nephew told me that he won't have time to do my garden since he has to find a job, I've decided that, this year, I will have tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini in containers. In the fall, I will buy about fifty bails of hay to lay out for my garden next year (on the other side of the house by the water spigot) and let it season over the winter and early spring. Hopefully, next year, I will have a much bigger garden.
    Not yet. My neighbor just plowed and disked it last week. We're expecting heavy rain tonight, tomorrow, and Monday. So, I'm going to start with a couple of rows of corn on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    I don't really know, but I don't think you and I agree on a lot of things.

    Apparently we agree on some things that really matter.
    Hiya, my friend. Thank you for your rep and comments. Loneliness... some people wish to be alone. Nevertheless, what do you consider a cure for loneliness to be?

    Thanking you in advance for your godly insights and thoughts.
    Gathering with some like-minded people this morning and then going to my family's house for food and fellowship, with an egg hunt for the kids.
    I just finished reading it. Thank you. After I created that thread, I realized I created another one similar to that one three years ago.:eek: I shouldn't be forgetting things so easily...at least not yet.:chuckle:

    Are you and your family doing anything special tomorrow?
    So we both have crib memories. I was being lifted out of mine. Beautiful smiling face. A very gentle soul.
    I'm not indifferent to my old friend, only deeply disappointed and a bit hurt. It will pass. I'll keep him in my prayers regardless. Harris is invested in sneering at an age, making the same vain mistake people make in every age if they aren't careful, I suppose.
    Zoo has really changed since his "sea change" apostasy. Now he's comfortable with distortions and, more recently, declaring honest men liars. I'm by and large done with him short of a radical reversal. He's illustrating that you can't be "okay" with not knowing, that there are real consequences to how we align ourselves or fail to.
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