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  • Thank you brother, ive had a lot going on at home - i appreciate you checking on me :) I pray all is well with you and yours also in His name.
    I'm having a surreal moment I have no idea what to make of it. Have we finally got to him and convinced him all scripture if God-breathed?
    (I personally am working to bring myself more in-line with the Reformed Baptist position--who knew there was more to being Reformed than adhering to Calvinism?)
    If I'm reading your bio right, you went from paedobaptist (the default Catholic position) to credo and then back to paedo (correct me if I am in error). What changed your mind the final time?
    Taking a summer break. This place is too grim and troll friendly and I have promises to keep elsewhere and a semester to finish. If I don't see you here any time soon you know how to reach me and you'll be the first to know if anything interesting happens in the hiatus. :cheers:
    I've found that the meanest sort, in the larger sense, are often almost or entirely hypersensitive. And I've discovered that when I find myself similarly inflamed it requires a measure of serious reflection and self-examination. I can chuckle now at the pride I invested in a sense of honor that required others held to its standard. It was a painful lesson in misplaced value and an awakening to a better principle.

    I hope you and yours are keeping your chins up and noses above the water line. I pray for the ability to be of some assistance. God alone knows the hour.
    Laughed out loud at that one. Loved the movie though. . . almost as much as I hated to see Olivier age. Marathon was part of a run for a few years of movies I liked despite the conventions of the 70s. Three Days of the Condor, released a year earlier, was one of those.
    :cheers: I don't mind prudent caution, but I hate fear based anything and I can't abide sloppy thinking.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife....may the Lord provide all your needs, dear friend.
    Hi AMR,....will get back on the Middle knowledge view soon,....still researching on it :) - did you know William Lane Craig, Alfred Freddoso, Jonathan Kvanvig, Thomas Flint, and Alvin Plantinga are advocates of this view or accept its possibility? Not that this qualifies its legitimacy,...but could be something to it :) - in due time.......
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