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    ECT Ligonier 2018 West Coast Conference Q&A Sessions

    Ligonier 2018 West Coast Conference Q&A Sessions Video times for each question shown in ( ) below. How do we keep hope and joy during this day of increased hostility to Christ and to truth? With so much of...
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    ECT Social Justice and the Gospel Statement Released

    A Statement on Social Justice and The Gospel has been released and signed by many prominent evangelicals here: The statement can be read online at the site. Click the Read the Statement link at the top of the page or scroll down about 1/4 of the page to...
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    TOL Topics Worth Substantive Discussion

    Context: In this thread how about we collect suggestions for topics worthy of meaty discussion? Make your suggestions here. If so inclined, also suggest person(s) you feel would be good candidates for carrying the discussion(s)...
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    One God, Not Three Gods

    Answering the often raised objection to Trinitarianism: God is one What (essence) and three Who's (subsistences, aka Persons). Essence and Person are not the same things. Essence refers to the being of God, while Person is used here as substance within being (subsisting as, subsistence). The...
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    SPOTD: Lon Scolds The Babarian

    Lon takes The Barbarian down a few notches: "STOP trying to marginalize with a debate tactic. It SHOWS you don't care about facts, just winning at any cost, which I WILL detest and question your love for Christ over. If you are this wicked of a person, I'll trounce you all over TOL for it."...
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    Decree of God - Supralapsarian vs. Infralapsarian

    A question I was recently asked: Let's examine the logical ordering versus temporal execution of the decree of God. Two views are predominant within Reformed orthodoxy. Supralapsarianism Supralapsarianism is the doctrine that God's eternal decrees of man's creation and the Fall were...
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    Doing Theology

    Over the years as a pastor and a teacher of theology I have encountered many Christians who have not studied Scripture or the theology contained in Scripture. This is not what is expected of us by God. We are all theologians and we should be good theologians. Sadly, a fundamental problem among...
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    SPOTD: Tambora Schools God's Truth

    Tambora schools God's Truth, the lady who thinks she is actually debating her favorite anti-Trinitarian hobby-horse: AMR
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    Impassibility of God

    God's impassibility is a quality of his aseity or divine fullness. Unlike us, God is not dependent upon anything outside himself for emotional fulfilment or satisfaction. Impassibility then, is not a defect in God. He is not emotionally stunted or remote. Rather he is perfectly fulfilled and...
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    Righteousness and Justification by Faith

    Question: Are we justified on account of our faith? Justification is a declarative act in which God pronounces the sinner just or righteous, that is, declares that the claims of justice, so far as God is concerned, are satisfied, so that the sinner cannot be justly condemned, but is in...
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    TOL Search Index Issue

    @Knight I noted from the chat box that Knight was rebuilding the search index after updating the site. Is this complete? I cannot search and find posts I know to exist. It seems a lot of data is missing from the index. Try this simple link purporting to show TH's forum posts...
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    Distressed Communities Index Report

    Saw this from a news article. It is a new study ranking prosperity and distress across the country. Starting around page 33 of the report are interesting tables ranking U.S. cities: Was surprised to learn that I am...
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    SPOTD: Glorydaz Admonishes God's Truth Lack of God's Truth

    SPOTD for glorydaz's corrective to the lady who claim's she is the living embodiment of God's truth concerning her trigger-finger behaviors while relating anti-Trinitarian heresies, in usually hundreds of daily posts: I gave you the perfect example of how we are to wield the Sword of the...
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    Equifax Hack - Next Steps: Freeze Credit Data

    Given the recent hack of Equifax the next step a person should take is to place a freeze on your credit data at the main credit bureaus. If you are planning some major purchases, you will have to unfreeze ("thaw") your credit freezes. NBC News article...
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    The Trinity - Talking Points

    God, the Trinity, and seven principles God: There is but one God (Deuteronomy 4:39), who is eternal (Isaiah 57:15; Psalms 90:2; Psalms 90:4; Revelation 1:8; Revelation 4:8; John 8:58; Exodus 3:14; Isaiah 45:21; Isaiah 46:9-10; Galatians 4:4-5; Acts 17:30-31), a spirit (John 4:24), sovereign...