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  • I'm having a deja vu, like I've had this same exact inerrancy discussion and problem before on RTI :think:
    The "Subscribed Threads With New Posts" doesn't really appear to work any longer. I have to click on "View All Subscribed Threads" to see what's going on...peculiar. Given the lack of fund raising drives I'm wondering if the whole enterprise isn't in a nominal payment backwater where advertising keeps the lights on and a buck or diminishing two flowing out, along with whoever feels like contributing for the remaining bells and whistles.
    Between both my parents being wheel chair bound for a month and the end of the semester I haven't had the time for Quixote's. And what time I've had here was so largely spent in the gun thread it would have looked peculiar...well, more so then. :eek: On the plus side, I went through Phi Kappa Phi honors initiation earlier this semester and finish up with Kappa Delta Pi initiation the day after finals. So I've been reasonably productive. A good end to the largely academic part of my Masters. Next? Student teaching.
    Thank you, please offer prayers for myself and my family, and know i have also been keeping you and yours in mine, God bless brother
    I'm so sorry I hit the wrong little square and gave you a red rep. I'm such a ninny.

    I don't know how to take it back, so hope an apology will do. :)
    I sort of like Facebook so I have been there. too many stubborn Robert pates here and don't have time to repeat myself here. but I do miss you though
    Well thank you! I'm here often...just not about posting much. I end up getting consumed then struggling for an exit.
    Created a new thread Fun Tests. Included is a Wunderlic. I did alright, thought you might want to try one for the fun of it, repost or not. It was an interesting experience...more so with Jack in my lap squirming, but entertaining in any event.
    Thank you.

    Tell her thank you and that we are fine.
    We are about 300 miles from the coast.
    We got heavy rain, but no alarming amount of flooding in my area.

    And tell her she is missed.
    Thank You AMR, currently my family & I are in a trial, I have suffered a lay really sucks. I have taken a facility engineering job at a satellite processing facility, which really is code for satellite facility baby sitter, I am engineering This is a temporary gig and I am searching for something more permanent, I am being courted by a few companies both of which are going to require a move so it is looking like the Northwest, Bremerton, WA area working with the Navy on sub missiles or Cape Canaveral, FL continuing in satellite launch. Wherever the Lord leads at this, it's all part of this adventure called life, can't say I am overly happy with it but, God has a plan...I am sure of it. Anyway, good to hear from you, I have been taking a respite from TOL but, I do drop in from time to time. I hope all is well with you & yours and maybe we will bump into one another around here in the future. :)
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