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  • Are you scared of daleks as well? :plain:

    I've seen some of the games. My ex flatmate used to have 'Battle For Middle Earth' and it's not exactly a spectator game....
    They may well fall out anyway as in good conscience I have to confess I made the entire thing up for a laugh. It's absolute nonsense with no answer....:eek:

    (Well, all the genuine puzzles don't stump you.....) :mmph:

    I guess I should go :eek: again at this point....

    No, the answer is the Dominican Republic....:plain:

    'One' apologizes again for one's ineptness in regards to the description of wooden fuel flammables.....


    PS logarhythms.....
    I could have said gloom instead.....:shocked:

    I better think twice before using 'lawks' again so offhandedly I reckon....lawks....oops! :doh: :plain:

    In that case then do avoid. I play about but panic attacks are no laughing matter whatever the cause.

    When does Chrys ever have a point these days? Hope you've got enough cash to get through? You've gotta put your health first though dude

    Thank you Count....


    I checked out that track you sent, certainly chilled....


    In fact as it's such an important day I think you should send me some musical gifts....:D


    But in that case all zombies were intelligent from the very first as they remember they still need food to eat....Plus in the original Night Of The Living Dead they knew enough to surround the house :D

    A zombie thread may actually be in order though....

    Quite applicable for some here as well ironically....
    It was a shock the last time he lost it. People thought someone had hacked into his account as it's just normally so out of character. I think Freelight mentioned he's had anger issues in the past and I'm suspecting that drink plays its part in both today and before. I may well be wrong but I've seen folk change completely after too much alcohol...
    Either description is applicable Count. I suggest you put a hat on to avoid the sunstroke which is obviously addling your brains....:plain:

    Anyway, enough of such witty goes your weekend? were supposed to "reply" to the last message...:plain:

    But no matter...we'll carry along invalidating your claims by 1) being hungry and 2) going down to the food shop and ordering one of those really stuffed and epic yet really inexpensive 1 feet long sandwiches, full of all the amazing ingredients which they normally put in them (sombreros included) to make them taste incredibly well as all the sauces they include in them so as to leave the tongue with absolutely no idea what in heavens the thing actually tastes like...

    But they are good...and so brb...:plain:
    Well, better than yesterday now I've got that darn idiot SOD off the radar....

    How about you?

    Bite bite belch


    He really is a moron. You hadn't even posted in that thread for weeks and yet he resurrects it and does his standard's his MO. Sadly enough...


    Thank you, Arthur
    I thought so too really.
    I just refused to talk to her further while she was posting to me and writing on my personal page.

    So I was good up to a point.

    You won't understand this but after Rusha kept at me for I don't know how long about leaving TM alone
    I just had to talk to TM. It's weird. It was kinda like
    being told to not touch the red button a zillion times. Sooner or later you just touch the button.

    I have to say TM does sound ok though right now, doesn't she?
    Like "what is wrong with rainee??"
    Rusha being an - well - whatever may have helped TM (just like I hoped.)

    That's good.

    Maybe it means I can quit while she is ahead.

    Thanks for giving good advice, Arthur
    Rusha has negative repped me three times in just a space of a few furious hours!

    And she is using your precious thread as her excuse.

    She told me to quit taking to TM but I hadn't done that
    since I reminded TM she had barked at me in an attempt to be mean on another thread.
    I couldn't very well stop talking to someone I wasn't talking to, could I?
    So I have gone ahead and written to TM. Or written back, she had kept posting.

    Maybe it will help.

    Maybe you will help?
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