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Where does the Bible teach that the earth is billions of years old?

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The only reason I returned to this thread is because I had a notification that a newbie here - Marke - had quoted me in it, otherwise I'd forgotten all about it. This very type of post is the reason why it's pointless even attempting a rational conversation with you. It's just you declaring 'facts' in all caps with no actual substance and childishness. So, no, I'm not 'running and hiding', I just have better things to do than pursue pointless endeavours. You have fun and believe as you will.
Run and hide. You always do. You don't even understand what a FACT is.


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And now we have Marke showing the height of ignorance by exclaiming that evolution is 'atheistic' and millions of people are on their way to hell if they're 'duped' by it.
Someone who fully embraces the ideas of evolution is not Christian. Some of the ideas of evolution include:

1. Humans are creatures of chance - not design.
2. Humans are no more important than the Apes they descended from.
3. Naturalistic determinism.
4. Morality is subjective.

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Darwinists love a shouting match.

Introduce FACTS and evidence, and they run for the hills (not realising that the hills are evidence for the flood).
What they also love is referring to what people say and what their credentials are instead of actual factual evidence.

They believe outlandish and problematic models for the formation of the planets because someone really smart says it's true.


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Actually, this is horsefeathers. There's only one reason that people go to hell. That reason is because they reject Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour.

It's not because they reject other things from the Bible.
I said millions of sinners go to hell for rejecting Biblical truth for something other than truth. Your statement seems in agreement with mine.


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I think this needs a new thread, and this I inject here; the bible does not teach us their is a planet called earth or that the world is 4.5 billion years old. It says mankind learned metal working before they learned the earth was the universe.
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This is exactly the point. If we are talking about scientific evidence, then the Bible isn't relevant. If you insist that the Bible is literally true and accurate, then you must somehow, at any cost, interpret the physical evidence to match it.

So if you want to have an honest discussion of the physical evidence- you have to ignore the Bible.
Secularists are unwilling to have their speculations challenged by scientific evidence, data and research findings. They falsely claim their erroneous speculations are irrefutable facts. They are not facts, they are bad interpretations and speculations falsely called science.


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To state the age of something you must have a starting point. Genesis was written for people who were living over 2,000 years ago & still the book of Genesis laid out our evolving lives at a level even the peasant could understand. Time is irrelevant, life’s development is not.

Djengo7; below is what Darwin said, now it is your turn to tell us all how it really was/is--------
Djengo7; I await your response

Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed
by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.
Secularists began old age speculations as a means of explaining fossils. They only assumed it must have taken tens or hundreds of thousands of years for the fossils to have been formed, so began the nerver=ending quest to prove the earth is far older than the Bible indicates. Unfortunately for everyone, the secularists' original premise was wrong and the methods they have devised over the years to support old age speculations are seriously flawed. God is right. The Bible is right. Creation and the flood did happen just as God said, and the secularists are badly deceived into thinking their bad speculations, interpretations, calculations and so forth are irrefutable.