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  • I think plaigerists have put words in Paul's mouth.

    Well,...I'm not sure how much of Paul's letters have been tampered with, among the earlierst manuscripts, or what varaiations exist among the extant manuscripts. On that count, we could also be suspicious of Jesus teachings too, who could know? (beyond scholarly research and one's own spiritual discernment). - I find Marcion's early involvement and emphasis on Paul's eaching most interesting, as he also had a select version of Luke's gospel,...did he do any tampering to the texts, as the pioneer of the Christian canon? - lots to consider....
    hi Omni,...u could be onto something,...keep researching :) - I've shared mostly a critical view of Paul on the board, with plenty of resource links,...but am favorable towards him as more of a mystic visionary, a liberal gnostic who 'syncretized' his theology as it were, an allegorical one, centered on the theme of a spiritual Christ-figure, a cosmic god-man redeemer type,....veering quite some distance from traditional-orthodox Jewish views, more towards pagan/mystery-religion cults and their symbology, but its all mixed in somehow. The biggie is his 'antinomian' leanings, but hes got quite a few other things going for him too ;)
    HI Omni I hope you see I posted a thread about a current Jewish holiday and would appreciate anything you might add to the discussion, well almost anything :)

    Oh I did read your other visitor messages - soo if I may be so bold -- #1 Please try not to respond to GM too much. He gets cranky.
    And also do not worry about the secret order of the smack too much, I have been trying to hunt it down like a blood hound for some years off and on but now do not know exactly what I would do if I really found out anything... by this time my imagination is probably far wilder than anything others here would have going.
    Yes, because I speak against mainstreamers, those who mock and ridicule me are heroes here.

    thank you for speaking up for me brother.
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