when did the Law of Moses end and dispensationalism begin ?


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I have seen and you all , also , where we all dispute the ending of the Law of Moses and where dispensationalism , and where water baptism also ended and where the Holy Spirit is the one Baptisma , Eph 4:5.

I know that I have read it many times , Mark 15:37 and 38 .

In verse 37 Jesus dies on the cross .

then in verse 38 , the Veil of the temple was rent from Top to bottom .

It is obvious , that the Law of Moses end here , and from that point on Paul begins his ministry of the Mystery , Rom 16:25 and 26 .

To me it is very simple , with the Veil rent in half , that means the high priest will never offer in the Holies of Holies the Atonement for Israel once a year and know that Israel was scatted ,

this means that Covenant theology has no where to go !

dan p