toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?


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Hall of Fame - Site dedicated to handcrafting pens and wood turning in general. - A general wood working site - My blog which is desperate need of updating. - Probably a bit in appropriate but I love the randomness - Love the trivia for movies. - Redneck repair. Love it! - Great site for research into scripture. - Wide range of music to choose from.


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I do a lot of different antique sales sites. One News Now is good for news with a Christian mindset. Besides TOL, that's about it.


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I've been checking out some of the other debate sites, as this one has been in a serious slump, lately. And I'm sure I'd be "punished" if I mentioned which ones. So I won't.

Otherwise, I frequent boat design sites, because that's a hobby of mine. And I use the internet to look up imagery related to various shop projects I'm working on. I also enjoy keeping in touch with artist friends who live in other cities.

I'm not that much of an internet user.


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Hobby wise
Model car building has been a hobby of mine for a long time, from building out the box stock, build it your way, custom, hot rod, racing. Some of my favorites are AMT's '32 5 window coupe and '40 Ford coupe, Monogram Midget Race Car and '32 Ford Drag Strip Hot Rod, AMT's '57 Chevy Bel Air, Revell's '57 Ford 2 door Custom and '57 Chevy Black Widow, Monogram '64 Pontiac GTO, Revell '32 Ford Jalopy produced in 1957, and AMT's 1958 Edsel Pacer.


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~Another christian forum with a "World Religion" section



~ I moderate two Jewish forums but they are very small and don't take any effort

~Craigslist and Petfinder (I'm always dreaming about getting another pet since we haven't any at this point)

~An atheist forum, ocassionally

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Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

I don't spend a lot of time online. Other than keeping this one open I post Jack photos on FB...the rest of this is a now and then thing:

The Worst Things For Sale (truly sad and horrible items) (worst reviews imaginable)

Take this review of a Billingsly Taco Bell

A Google User reviewed a year ago
Overall Poor to fair:
This is the worst Wendy's I've ever been to.

Or this review of Solaris:
“Poorly made and not real like Batman” (it is what it is) (interesting sets of objects) (because who doesn't enjoy iconic photos reproduced in lego?)

EDIT: and, of course, (because who can get enough of ugly couches?)
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toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

News: A variety but mostly....
Daily Beast
Drudge Report
ESPN (just for scores)




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TOL has such knowledgeable folks on theology, that it is the only discussion forum I participate on now.

Other than that, I go to youtube for videos and songs.
And there is a site that lists a lot of varied preachers and has their sermons on audio that I listen to.


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Other than TOL I frequent a board for British sitcom fans. Facebook and email.. that's about it.

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Political forum for my political hero, why else?

CivFanatics Forum

I used to play the game but these days its mostly for the OT political debates and occasional forum games.

Primarily for hardcore libertarian viewpoints. Don't always agree with what they say but I nonetheless enjoy it. Besides, Ron Paul posts articles there.

Mostly for my email. Occasionally an interesting story.

Always playing in my background when I'm doing anything else. In fact, I'm listening to music right now.

I don't think I go anywhere else often enough for it to be worth mentioning.