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Nathon Detroit

The fourth inductee into the TOL Hall of Fame for 2010 is....


Yes... atheists can make it into the TOL Hall of Fame. Over the years I have really grown to love reading fool's posts, he is funny, clever, and also has a good grasp on many topics. I pray that fool comes around and joins us in Christ because I would love to hang out with him in heaven for eternity (I mean that with all my heart and soul). fool is inducted into the TOL Hall of Fame for making TOL a more fun and interesting place to participate!

Congratulations fool! :first:

Nathon Detroit

The winner of the 2010 Truthsmacker of the Year Award as well as the The fifth inductee into the TOL Hall of Fame for 2010 is....


Stripe is one of my all-time favorite TOL'ers. His tireless work in the creation threads is much appreciated especially after our good friend and fellow Hall of Fame Member bob b passed away. Stripe also knows when to call a moron a moron, and I doubt anyone has used the mocking smilie more than Stripe (that should account for something right?). Stripe lives on the other side of the world from me and I would love if someday, somehow... Stripe could come to visit so that I could meet him in person. Thank you for all your dedication and participation over the years my friend!!

:mock: Stripe

Congratulations Stripe! :first:
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Nathon Detroit

The Hall of Fame honor can never be taken away so congratulations to all of those that are in such rare company.

Nathon Detroit



Vaquero45 is a TOL "old-schooler", not only is Vaquero45 a good friend of mine and a longtime TOL member he is also a tireless defender of truth and makes some of the best posts you will ever read!

Congratulations Vaquero45! :first:

Ask Mr. Religion

Yes, it was predestined to be! :) Ask Mr. Religion is a post craftsmen and has supported TOL for years. He has learned the fine art of adding tremendous value to a forum that doesn't always share his theology. TheologyOnline is very thankful to have Ask Mr. Religion as a member.

Congratulations Ask Mr. Religion! :first:


Don't let his creepy avatars fool you, Lighthouse is a crucial part of the TOL puzzle. Lighthouse is a dedicated TOLer who has been around since nearly the beginning and for that he is now a Hall of Fame Member!

Congratulations Lighthouse! :first:

Town Heretic

While I don't always fully understand Town Heretic's posts I am confident that it's no fault of "Towny" and it's my own shortcomings that cause his posts to often times zoom over my head. Town Heretic has become a good friend of mine and a truly valued part of the TOL community. :up: Not only that but TOL needs a lawyer to make fun of. :D

Congratulations Town Heretic! :first:

The winner of the 2011 Truthsmacker of the Year Award as well as the The fifth inductee into the TOL Hall of Fame for 2011 is....


Rocketman has quickly risen to the top of TOL as one of the most treasured and fun posters to follow. Some say posting on TOL is not rocket science but for Rocketman it actually is. Who says TOL members ain't smart???? Not only is Rocketman TOL's resident rocket scientist he also appreciates the finer things in life such as cigars and well crafted adult libations. Rocketman, is a true friend and a valued member of the TOL community!

Congratulations Rocketman! :first:

Nathon Detroit

2012 TOL Hall of Fame Inductees

2012 TOL Hall of Fame Inductees

Vegas Cowboy

Vegas Cowboy has been a loyal member and great friend to TheologyOnline for the past several years. He has also shown up in the Posts of the Year many times. But ultimately Vegas Cowboy makes it into the Hall of Fame because I love reading his posts and when I occasionally feel like TOL is more trouble than it's worth it's folks like Vegas Cowboy who make it all worth it to me.

Congratulations Vegas Cowboy!


While Rusha and TOL don't see eye to eye spiritually Rusha is a staunch defender of innocent life in the womb and for those already born. Rusha has also been a great supporter of TOL for several years. I pray that Rusha comes to the Lord and I am confident that will happen some day.

Congratulations Rusha!


Ktoyou is a TOL legend and her presence on TOL has made this website a much richer place. We pray for her health as well and thank her for her years and years of participation on TOL.

Congratulations Ktoyou!


kmoney or "kmo" is another TOL legend, and while he isn't always on the same side of the issues as the TOL staff kmo is an invaluable friend to TOL. Through thick and thin kmoney is always there on TOL giving his honest opinion and keeping a great attitude.

Congratulations kmoney!


On June 30th, 2005 chrysostom joined TOL and sentence structure has never been the same since. chrysostom is often fond swimming upstream on TOL but that hasn't slowed down his effort and participation on TOL. Almost a decade of participation on TOL sends chrysostom to the Hall.

Congratulations chrysostom!
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Nathon Detroit

The 2013 inductees are....

Angel4Truth has amassed over 17,000 posts in just a couple years and the quality of these posts sends her into the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations Angel4Truth :first:

An old-school TOLer, Tambora has been a valued member on TOL since 2004.

Congratulations Tambora :first:

john w
The most humble TOLer of all-time john w has had his share of run-ins with the "law". Be that as it may john w adds to the flavor of TOL in a very interesting way.

Congratulations john w :first:

SaulToPaul is a tireless defender of the dispensation of grace and is also the King of the "selfies". ;)

Congratulations SaulToPaul :first:

Nick M
Nick M has been a staunch supporter of TOL for a very long time and was one of the very first LIFETIME Members. Regardless of if you agree with him or not it's tough not to respect his passion.

Congratulations Nick M :first:

Nathon Detroit

The 2014 inductees are....

Bright Raven
A loyal TOL'er since 2005 Bright Raven has literally carried the TOL-A-THON on his back keeping this historic website online. But more than that he’s a friend and a treasured part of this community

Congratulations Bright Raven :first:

Inzl Kett
A member since 2010 Inzl has not only been a valued part of the TOL community but also taken on the role of super moderator. Without the help of folks like Inzl TOL could not function and for that we are forever grateful.

Congratulations Inzl Kett :first:

A tireless fighter of wacky conspiracy theories CabinetMaker has been smacking truth since 2006 and made well of 10,000 posts on TOL.

Congratulations CabinetMaker :first:

For nearly 10 years FellowServant has been making the TOL community a better place. This LIFETIME member is a welcomed breath of fresh air that has made a permanent mark on TheologyOnline.

Congratulations FellowServant :first:

Grosnick Marowbe
Grosnick Marowbe, has only been a TOL member since 2011 but in that time has made over 32,000 posts (not counting the posts that have been pruned). Such an amazing depth of participation and dedication to TOL does not go unnoticed.

Congratulations Grosnick Marowbe :first:

Nathon Detroit

Frank Ernest
Frank Ernest passed away on February 14th 2015 he was 79. Frank was a tireless Truthsmacker and had been posting on TOL since 2003. Frank was always there to defend the truth and was not afraid to fight for what was right. He will be missed. :(
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