The coronavirus scam


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Israel 5th dose of gene therapy ?

Israel has shattered all of their previous case records, despite mask mandates, vaccine passports and rolling out a 4th dose Incredibly, cases are up 9,893% since CNN quoted health officials saying the data was clear that “booster shots helped bring down the fourth wave” Whoops

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JERUSALEM, Jan 4 (Reuters) - A fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine boosts antibodies five-fold a week after the shot is administered, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said on Tuesday, citing preliminary findings of an Israeli study.
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The Folly of Pandemic Censorship

As the latest anti-Substack campaign shows, more and more people are forgetting why free speech works

This article pretty much nails the issue.

Censors have a fantasy that if they get rid of all the Berensons and Mercolas and Malones, and rein in people like Joe Rogan, that all the holdouts will suddenly rush to get vaccinated. The opposite is true. If you wipe out critics, people will immediately default to higher levels of suspicion. They will now be sure there’s something wrong with the vaccine. If you want to convince audiences, you have to allow everyone to talk, even the ones you disagree with. You have to make a better case. The Substack people, thank God, still get this, but the censor’s disease of thinking there are shortcuts to trust is spreading.

only problem is the milgram experiment doesn't work if there is dissent

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Meanwhile in France ...

France Deactivated 4 MILLION Vax Passports Without Warning To Force People To Get The Booster Shot Several Months Early​

As France follows suit and begins to ease some Covid restrictions, one thing they look to continue to implement is the vaccine passport which would force people to show proof of vax before participating in society.
So, the mask mandates are disappearing, but, according to reports out of France, the rules for the vax are only tightening.

As a matter of fact, France just DEACTIVATED nearly 4 MILLION vax passports for people who haven't got their booster shot yet.

So, the original timeframe said you'd have 7 months to get a Covid booster, and then, apparently overnight, they changed the timeframe down to 4 months, meaning that 4 million Frenchmen were suddenly exiled from society for not yet getting the 3rd Covid shot.

You have some folks, like the first young girl in the video, 18-years-old, who just mindlessly went out to get the 3rd shot so that she could have her passport turned back on.

With no consideration of the medical necessity of a booster for a healthy 18-year-old female, the government is mandating it... so she'll just do it.
Then you have others, like the last person in the video, who has just been completely worn down.

It's sad, but that's how it is. I don't have the right to do anything anymore, so I'm not even trying. I hope the pass is suspended soon.
The utter hopelessness felt in this situation is devastating.

This new authoritarianism and medical tyranny is destroying the livelihood of so many and turning once free countries into surveillance police states.


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Judge Unseals 400 Pages of Evidence, Clears Way for Pfizer Whistleblower Lawsuit​

A whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials is moving forward, after a district court judge unsealed the complaint, including 400 pages of exhibits.