No Bible discussions?


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Go right ahead and start one: You'll see what happens. It always devolves into arguments over theology because the lens we read the Scripture through is our theology. My theology's different than yours, ad infinitum (or at least ad 'to seven billion'). Every person even all those subscribing to one school of theology all have differences when you get more detailed, and that is exactly the kind of thing that a Bible discussion becomes and is. A "book of details", so every theological difference protrudes prominently and proudly, they're impossible to miss.

Largely the big issues are things like the Trinity where we disagree with others. We're Trinitarians here as a rule so we don't get into a lot of Trinity arguments, but we do differ in ecclesiology, and that's pretty much how we divide here theologically, how does our theology conceive of the Church? Ecclesiology. It bears on how we read the Bible, how we interpret, what we believe the Scripture is either instructing us to do, or what it's forbidding us from doing, what we believe the Bible's political ideology might be, and that last one is why politics is big, because we each have politics that's unique too, and like with theology there are some big issues that divide us politically, and frequently someone coming to TOL to wax theological winds up realizing that political differences are more important as far as how much we might improve the world; we believe political work is better, rather than trying to improve the world through a more thorough understanding of theology.

So go ahead and try one, make one. Pick any verse or passage, chapter, book, author, etc., start a Bible discussion thread. I'll get in there if I can. You know, if there's 'an opening'.

Bradley D

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Maybe they need to rename the web site! I brought that topic up also.



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Welcome to the site.
Though misnamed, it is still open to bible discussion.
Just don't get distracted by the hijackers.

What's your pleasure?


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Will you explain 1 Cor 15:8 if you have time ?

dan p
Sure, Dan.
"And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time." (1 Cor 15:8)
Paul regretted not having been with Jesus from the beginning of Jesus' walk.
He considered himself "late to the show".