Donald Trump indicted by Manhattan grand jury


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Hmm, Russia doesn't have anything akin to a democracy and arrests citizens for even the merest breech of opposition to 'dear leader'. All sorts of independent media closed down etc especially since the despicable invasion of Ukraine.

It's about time Trump faced some sorta music even if it'll probably be a slap on the wrist ultimately. How anyone can't see through his petulant narcissism by now is anyone's guess...
Democrat commies think it is time America experienced some Russian-style political persecution of opponents of the democrat party's crimes and insanity.


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Either you guys were just joking when you said, "Lock her up!" or Hillary is playing 4D chess while Trump is playing checkers. Which is it?
Americans are frustrated by the perversion of our justice department for ignoring crimes of leftists and inventing crimes by which to charge republicans.


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So Hillary committed 56 murders and went through 4 years of Trump's Justice Department and still got away with it all? Yep, she's playing 4D chess while your boy is playing checkers.
Some crooks go unpunished until they stand before God who is never deceived, never wrong, knows all things, and will not pervert judgment or justice.

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Leftist logic: If the democrat crook manages to avoid detection or prosecution for a crime then that crime never took place.
Trump didn't even try to lock her up. That was just another of his many broken campaign promises, along with "rebuild the nation's infrastructure" and all that jazz.

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This popped up on my feed and I screenshot it to share. I went to the posters home page and he has just a whole slew of this silly nonsense. Read some of the comments and his subscribers are as clueless as he is. Hilarious.