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  • Hey, yer page is awesome! How'd yu get da wunnerful yellow color on there?

    I stopped by to just say hello and to let you know i'm praying for you and your wife. God bless both of you :)
    It is not a major concern, now knowing you did not mean it, then you always could pos rep me :)

    It seems now the rep gets me one point at most, and often none. I think others need to catch up, so, Knight set high reps lower on getting reps, but still good on giving them?
    That would be nice. I wish it had not happened because I never have those red marks, really.
    Just thought of you. Finished reading Hebrews and it was a blessing, like God taking me by the hand and reassuring me. I pray you and your wife are as well as can be and miss seeing you as often as I once did. Spoiled I suppose. :)
    We will keep your physical problems in our prayers, for we also have our share, that are rapidly restricting our activities, too.
    Ha! I hope you know I was not serious . . Just my way to keep you up to date with my hubby's juvenile and undying love of the Classic cars!
    I appreciate the fact you grasped the import of my words. BTW, are you interested in a '72 Chevy El Camino? Hubby just finished restoring one (put a hot blue-print engine in it), and now does not want to sell, so I am ignoring his screams and trying to market it! :chuckle:
    Dear Psalmist,

    Would like to hear your comment on post # 20, re:

    Simply click the little arrow

    Kindest regards,
    Doing fine...can't find much stomach for squabbling either these days. Helping a firm out of Birmingham on a class action suit aimed at Lumber Liquidators, working on finally taking a serious stab at getting an agent for the book, trusting God with that and my hopes for the future. Playing with Jack (and I say beautiful too :)) and trying to help the Mrs. with things in general. I'm glad your situation is less painful and you and yours continue to be a light for me and mine. Our very best regard, love and desire for your way to be as gentle and joyful as can be on this earth.
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