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  • I can understand it from the self-defense position. If the mother's life is jeopardized and the infant would not survive apart from the mother then I think a clear ethical distinction can be made and a greater moral good served by saving one instead of losing both.
    I don't think abortion is as much about conservative as it is about conservative Christian and even then it's divided. Most Americans are okay with abortion in some circumstances, from rape, to incest, to the mother's life in jeopardy scenario.
    For several years I kept a log of who I'd rep'd and who had rep'd me just to avoid that irritation (and because the management shifted the standard from time to time). It came in handy when, relatively early in my time here Delmar challenged me privately because he assumed a meteoric rise in my rep had something to do with courting the left. I read him (well, wrote) my ledger, in which the diversity of that particular ended his inquiry (he and Knight were both on it :chuckle:). Haven't done that in a few years. From 2007 when I arrived through probably the first five or six years here the place was jumping with a lot of disparate and interesting conversation and posters. It's a shame how that's run into the ground.
    The problem with the "thank" function is that it's so much easier and in the moment I've gotten out of the habit of using the longer version and when I feel like dropping a message and an attaboy that way, suddenly I find I haven't done it for enough different people to manage it for the one I mean to...which is what just happened when I tried it with you. :eek:
    "Bickering back and forth is one thing.. Asking the mods to be like parents and intervene is childish"

    Beats me. I like it when they act like mods though. Banning trolls from threads is one of the best ideas they've had in a while.
    Yeah, I quit making birthday threads and asked for someone else to volunteer. No one did.
    I didn't assume you misread me, but when it comes to politics and religion I find it's best to make sure. :eek:
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