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  • Nang...Sending you a "Merry and Joyful Christmas" greeting, and that you look forward to a very blessed and refreshed new year. Psalmist and Mrs Psalmist (Tom and Violet)
    Well I might disagree with you as to the root of the error. ;)

    But that said, I think they are sincere (at least most of them) in their desire to follow Christ (Paul?). If that is true, then the Truth will call to them, sooner or later... but speaking the Truth, in love, can certainly take an effort at times.

    Don't give up on them Nang!

    Eschatology should not be a matter of division to the point of assuming those that differ are lost, hell-bound, and sin-bent.

    Non-essentials do indeed rob those in error of the full measure of blessedness possible from Scripture. And error is necessary such that truth may abound. I pray for those caught up in error, but I also recognize that there are grievous errors that imperil the immortal soul, and errors that are the outgrowth of poor instruction.
    You are one of very few online personalities that I regularly think of and make reference to in conversation. I'm thankful for your gracious maturity in Christ.
    Hi Nang!

    Was just thinking about you and thought I would say Hi. Nothing special, just hope you are well and blessed.
    Pay them no mind. I certainly do not think less of you because we differ on a few points. I see your heart and that is what I respond to.
    I was lost when I was trapped in those lies and more (for 28 years). I'm so thankful God delivered me from the clutches of it all. It's all I knew. I was such a dufus. I'm thankful every moment for His grace and mercy. But I'm blessed to be discipling dozens upon dozens, and delivering several from Dispie and Dominionist lies every week while grounding them in the ontological Gospel. You're such a blessing. :)
    Thanks for the rep, m'dear. Am I too coarse or terse with the Zionists? I almost don't think that's possible, but I sometimes come across as loveless in my despite for antichrist Dispensationalism.
    Well, that's part of the meaning, for certain, because without God in the message, it won't be Truthful. :)
    Paul (half Jew) was commissioned to take the gospel to the gentiles and Peter (full Jew) What does this mean?
    There are no greater blights on the faith than Dispensationalism and Open Theism; both denying the sovereignty of God and the New Covenant cut in the blood of Jesus Christ. Great posts in that Dispy thread. It's sad to see the swarming ranks of the deceived Zionists.
    Strangely, I never even considered reporting it. The thought didn't even cross my mind. I was ticked off, but never even considered it. I guess its not so much that I'm personally offended as it is that I am simply saddened.

    I'm tempted to report it, but I'm not sure I really want to deal with the misplaced accusations that I'm trying to censor free speech. Besides, the admins will probably just say that the attack was justified, because they probably think that not wanting to criminalize homosexuality means that one is secretly gay:rolleyes:

    One thing to keep in mind: There isn't a single actual theonomist on this website, to my knowledge. You know more about theology than I do in general, so you may already know this, but since its a political topic and you don't follow those as much, I figured I'd point it out...

    I know actual theonomists in real life. They are FAR more pro-liberty than the people on this forum. Not 100% pro-liberty as I am, but more than one might think at first glance. They pretty much completely agree with libertarians on economics, civil liberty issues, and foreign policy (basically everything but social policy.) The people here are something else entirely...
    Before creation, there was nothing and no one else. And only God, His Logos, and His Pneuma have phaino, so there is no other phenomenological existence except His own hypostasis underying His ousia. God's Rhema is His hypostasis. There was no thing else (no Rhema else) for Him to think or speak about. All resulting creation only had noumenological potentially of existence until God spoke and breathed to instantiate it all into existence, carried forth and upheld by the Rhema (Word) of His dunamis (power).
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