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  • Thank you for your encouragement about my signature. I greatly appreciate it.

    God bless you.
    No, I didn't know. Don't pay much attention to 'em.

    I pray that the joy of the Lord remain with you for it is our strength and that the peace that goes beyond understandings is strong in you. Bless you, Amen.
    Then they are all hypocritical pigs and piglets like you. You come here and lay out insults on everyone. You call people names, insult their faith, and make no apologies for your disgusting and rude behavior. And "family" that applauds your behavior is as disgusting as you are. What is really sad is that you want to drag them all to hell with you, because of your arrogant pride and rejection of the truth. Shame on you.
    You are a disgusting person. If you had children, I'm certain they hate you.
    I posted a thread calling him out here:

    Knight will ignore you. I'm fairly certain. Delmar MAY not, but its not his site so he'll likely have to.

    I can't post in chat because I'm not a paying member (nor do I want to be, Knight deserves none of my money. If I actually had money to spare, which I don't, I'd give it to Rand Paul or the Mises Institute. Not here.)

    I called Doom out here:

    Let's see how consistent the mods are with their whole "calling out the evil is encouraged" bit (that is probably 40% of the reason I posted that thread, to see if the mods are hypocritical yet again. If Knight cannot even see that what Doom did was evil, I don't know what to say.)
    Nang, I wish I had chat access, I would tear into Doom right now. I already did so with VMs. I'll probably get banned, but whatever. I'm back at school so getting the time that I use here wouldn't be a terrible thing. Again, whatever.

    I doubt its really about the football team. If one of his allies had posted what you posted he wouldn't have done it. He hates you for your stand for truth and he'll use any excuse he can to insult yourself.

    I thought I was mean because I can really attack people when I feel like they deserve it, but I'm not that bad. At worse I call people idiots, evil, or unregenerate. Never anything near what Doom posted, and that's for people I DON'T respect...
    Delmar might do it. He's usually struck me as the reasonable type. Not necessarily doctrinally orthodox or anything like that, but he's struck me as a nice guy and a fair guy.
    part 2 of message:

    >>There was another dialogue that was reported. I think it was done by reporting one of their posts and then putting (copy and Paste) the dialogue into the report making it clear that it wasn't the thread post.

    God Bless
    Here you go, Nang... a copy and paste of the dialogue.

    "[11:46 PM] Doom: You're the dumbest pig on the planet.
    [11:46 PM] Nang: No mods online, to stop this, I see.
    [11:46 PM] Doom: You can't even correctly interpret a sentence, let alone a bible. I did not "wish you dead". I just said that when you're dead, you would make a great football.
    [11:44 PM] Nang: Doom is a sick person.
    [11:44 PM] Nang: I have been called names, and I have been judged to hell, but I have never been wished dead for simply rooting for a football team!
    [11:42 PM] Doom: What, just because I think you'd make a great football?
    [11:41 PM] Nang: I do not know how to report Chat remarks, but Doom has gone beyond civility just now.
    [11:38 PM] Doom: Maybe when you die, you can donate your skin for the next National Championship.
    [11:37 PM] Doom: You're a pig Nang
    [10:50 PM] heir: Great game for Ohio State!
    [09:59 PM] Nang: Ohio owns the game!"
    Yikes. I just saw Doom's comment . Not sure how to report it, but yuck...

    I bet if I were to refer to police as "pigs" on here I wouldn't last long, yet Doom will probably get away with calling you such despite the fact that you've never violated anyone's rights:rolleyes:
    You really need to try and control your temper Nang? Your uncivil
    behavior is beyond the pale! I'm willing to forgive you and let bygones
    be bygones! All I ask is that tell me you're sorry and will try harder to
    be less boorish?
    This is what you said to me, Nang: "You are a whore, servicing MAD, GM."
    Someone plus myself reported you! You really need to learn to control
    your foul language! Remember, this IS a Christian Forum! I will await an
    apology from you? You surely wouldn't approve of someone calling you
    that name, would you? If you apologize, I'll give you a pos-rep and
    forgive you! If you don't apologize then, I will lose all respect for you!

    Think about it, think about it hard?
    OK, fair enough. I understand that and that makes sense. Its up to you whether you want to share with me what happened or not but I can certainly sympathize if you had bad experiences.

    I think some of this stuff is very individual conviction oriented, IMO. For some people, reading Lord of the Rings can be totally harmless, but not necessarily for everyone.

    I asked my dad (My pastor, solid Reformed guy) about Harry Potter awhile back. His view is that while he thinks it is mostly harmless, if someone is obsessed with the occult already it can make said situation worse.
    I like reading all kinds of stuff. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever.

    Do you think "dabbling" in sorceries means merely reading or writing about such things in fictional worlds? Because I would think that would mean actually attempting to use magic in the real world. But, perhaps I am wrong.
    I remember reading TrinityFoundation awhile back and I seem to remember (though its possible I misread, its been awhile) John Robbins saying something to the effect of magic in fiction being inherently sinful. I remember thinking (with respect to John Robbins, he was a great teacher and nobody is perfect) that this was a bit legalistic. Hence why I was curious what you thought about it.

    BTW: Don't worry about being offensive or whatever. I deal with far harsher than anything you would say to me every time I post on TOL:).
    You didn't step on my toes at all, let alone "big time." I would not have asked the question if I didn't want to know the answer:)

    I certainly would never fault someone for deciding to devote all of their time directly to pursuit of Biblical truth and thus stay away from all such works of literature.

    But... is entertainment sinful? Mind you, I did not say "certain forms of entertainment" but entertainment as such. If not, why wouldn't writing and reading fiction, even mystical fiction, just be another form of fantasy? (mind you, I realize there is such a thing as occultic magic which is demonic. I have heard stories of pagans in reality who were able to do or at least mimic "magic" with demonic power. That's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about fantasy stories that don't take place in the real world and aren't intended to be real.)

    To be continued (character limit.)
    OK, so why are such things wrong as long as the reader recognizes that they are fiction and not real?

    Mind you, I realize that these types of stories take various forms, but a lot of them take place in obviously fictious worlds, and feature characters that are either born with magic or not. (in other words, its not something you ATTAIN by dabbling in the occult or messing with demons or so forth.)

    This isn't a "gotcha" question, I was just honestly curious. I've read and written some such fiction myself and don't (inherently) see any issues with it.
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