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  • Thank you :). I do appreciate you sharing that with me.

    I was wondering, do you think it is possible to have a dream of the Father?
    I believe that many are hung up in fear to consider anything else because of Christ's statement in John 14:6 saying that He is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.

    That statement is so misunderstood. It is not known that they too are to become what He was/is and instead only causes them fear. Freezing them into a stationary stance that cannot be questioned... neither by them or anyone else... it's too threatening.
    LOL, I used to despise spiders! Feared them too. Dow Bathroom Cleaner will make them shrivel right up. I used to squirt them with and with each squirt I'd say: Die, Die, Die!

    Now... lol, I'm more than likely to take them outside. Look what the Lord hath wroth. Took the fear of them away.

    Australia... is that where you are? That country has a spider that can bite through boot leather! I'd probably not be entertaining that one at all!
    LOL, yes that is how we tend to be: better to others than to ourselves.

    I will seek medical aide if the swelling doesn't go down in the morning and after a water pill. I'll have a cup of herbal tea here shortly too.

    How tragic about your son's friend. Amen. May God grant him relief... in all ways possible. Amen.

    {{{{{{{ Glenda }}}}}}}
    Yes, I do feel overly tired today, but! at least I could sleep in. :) Yesterday was the longest I'd ever sat with him. Parents moved into their new home and it took them at least 12 hours. My, oh my, was I tired! It is good to be a grandparent, when the parents live elsewhere... lol, baby goes home. :)

    I had thought Choleric was misrepresenting you. I now recall the first time we interacted, it was on a thread of yours. He is unreasonable and rabid... er, fanatical.

    I read your post and it was spot on. Let folks know that Choleric is just that colicky.

    Yes, remain silent except in your prayers for their situation. Also ask for their and everyone around them's protection... allow them not to injure the innocent too.
    Father, comfort Glenda's ribs and we thank you for her quick, complete and without complication healing. We praise you Our Father for you are so kind and full of love for us! Thank you! In Jesus name we ask and praise you, Amen.
    It is 11pm Friday night here.

    I've been looking for you to be here over the last few days, truly. Been watching for your arrival. Shoulda just prayed ya here. :D

    Be who you are as you are... it is how God created you to be. If you think He needs to modify you, you ask Him if you need to be... I think you are perfect as is though. But yes, withdrawing is the more difficult on us, I believe... since that is what I used to tend to do, but... it keeps a person more out of trouble than going out seeking 'trouble'.
    Amen. Thank you Lord for taking those who need you so desperately under your wing and draw them to you. Thank you my precious Lord Jesus.

    Thank you Lord for my sister Glenda. She is such a blessing!
    We all are prone to doing that. The antidote to disappointment is love and forgiveness... given to you in advance.

    And, thank you for being a friend.
    Amen. I feel the same... it is a rare joy when we are online together.

    The property you are looking at just sounds perfect! Oh, I will be praying tonight! :)

    And, amen to your blessing. Thank you, I receive it.

    I do have to log off now and go to bed. May all the joy that Our Lord has to offer, be yours. Love you, sis, goodnight. (((( Glenda ))))
    I need to speak to more people myself, and have been doing so lately. Have spent too much time speaking with glorydaz and god's truth... talk about banging one's head against a wall! :)

    Have fun! :)
    Thanks! I was on the phone and then when I came back, the box was gone! Whaaa? LOL

    Btw, I now understand what you meant about not posting at the same time. My apologies for it having taken so long.
    I messed up something when I was trying to ignore the reputations. Now I can't see anyone's Avatars. Eeek! What do I do??
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