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  • Dear freelight,
    Hey Buddy, the Creation thread is in the Hall of Fame entries. It should be available there. Let me know if you still can't find it.
    Jesus Does Really Save.
    Hope I didn't go overboard but character assassination is nothing more than murder from the heart, imo, which comes forth when a person has no argument, (and sorry to say but their trash gets delivered right back on their heads when my dump truck gets too full with their trash thrown in my direction). However, in this case, it was clearly on-topic; especially when you see how the OP responded to what I had most recently asked, (which concerned the conscience, and you see how the OP responded, revealing a defiled conscience according to the Testimony of Messiah). Thus, as I said therein, the Testimony of Messiah is everything. :)
    "*orthodox jewish priests rising in protest* - but yhwh commands it! how dare u deny the Lord his sacrifice. *sanhedrin in an uproar*....out with the heretic! lol"

    Lol, yes, and as they lead him away for punishment he is offering up the bullocks of his lips in holy prayer to the Father. Perhaps he even atones for them in asking the Father to forgive them, (seeing they know not what they do). :)
    Absolutely not because the Father NEVER asked for literal physical animal sacrifices or their blood. It is all about us: bulls, bullocks, calves, lambs, and so on and so on. Elohim is Spirit and so is His Word: always has been, and always will be. :)
    I think it is some combination of views and ratings that determines the visibility in the Best Blog listing. As a past admin of vBulletin software enabled discussion sites, those factors are one of the formulas for automated listing in Best Blogs sidebars. That said, site admins can also bump a blog to the Best Blog sidebar listing manually (or remove blogs so listed automatically), so there is that presumed bias to be taken into consideration.
    I saw your new post and enjoyed the video. Remember though, Hezekiah is healed and then promised that he would go up into the House of YHWH the THIRD DAY, (2 Kings 20:1-11, Matthew 27:52-53). He is a type in the typology of Messiah being formed in us, (a child is born, a son is given, a zakar-manchild and a nepheg-sprout within the heart). These things happen over and over again, not just once; it is how the Father works among His people by way of His Word, (parables of the sower). :)
    Thanks, I'll check it out, been a while. I deleted mine a while back because it linked to my old site which I was forced to move and was not sure at that time if I was even coming back here, (they had just banned me for yet another false accusation or something ridiculous, [cannot even remember what it was now, lol]). Don't know if I will be adding a new blog or not. :)
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