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  • Cool bling...
    Cattyfan can't spell "list"...:rotfl:

    :plain: What?

    :jump: Hiya Stu, Sax, Stax...

    :think: I get these headaches.
    maybe a nocturne, .... Liszt???

    Nice :)
    do you know what piece of music is pictured on your site?
    Best wishes to you all on this blessed, beautiful and glorious Lord's day. His grace and peace to you.

    Note to friends list: If you get a chance, check out my TOL Wills thread in And The Rest and leave something to someone you like or someone in need…I may leave my coherency to OMEGA in the spirit of the thing. :e4e:
    Thanks for the encouragement! Gibsons and Fenders are like Fords and Chevy's. I like them both I suppose. I grew up on Fender so I never really got used to the duel knob part of the Gibsons although if I really spent the time with it I could see how that would do well for the lead player. I use a compressor to equal out the sound level so I can jump back and forth with the lead and rhythm parts. And if I really want to rip it I have a Boss EQ 7 that I punch up the mids. The main thing about a Gibson is the neck. They are thicker than others and are easier to hang onto I think.
    I actually play a Carvin CT6M custom. It has the Gibson feel on the neck has a lightening fast Ebony fret board. It also has the single volume knob like the fenders so I feel right at home on it.

    As far as the smartypants thing goes I actually use the aeolian mode as opposed to the Pentatonic Minor. Same notes as a major just in a different spot. It has some notes that have more "tension" in them so if you aren't carefull it sounds like jazz. :chuckle:
    Check out Riff Interactive
    for lessons if you want to learn some really good stuff.
    Nice work here (that :plain: was huge, by the way :noid:) with the music motiff! :D
    :guitar: :drum: :upright: :singer:

    You're going to have a problem with this backing text though...see? The sheet music is great, but the red is problematic.
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