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  • Was that a typo, or do you think it is the same? That thought did cross my mind.
    StudentX you and I don't like each other but, the least you can do is point out where I'm wrong so far as my doctrine is involved?? Don't be lazy. You made the accusation, back it up....
    You asked me a while back if I'd read Gentry's book, I have not. But I have read David Chilton's book, "The Days of Vengeance", which IMHO is the best line by line exposition of Revelation that I have seen to date.
    I try (with limited success) to use it as a slightly more personal page than, say, Observations...I'm still feeling out the process and I understand your reticense with regard to over extending, but that wasn't my impression of your blog work.
    :wave2: Keep up the blogging. Not enough of us are doing it yet. I think it's a real missed opportunity.
    Thanks, SAX! It sure was a blessed Lord's day on many fronts, not the least of which was the Colts showing up on the field, even if they did wait til the 4th quarter :)
    Better late than never!
    Same to you, sax...though I suppose if someone reads this who isn't following the conversation that won't exactly come off the way I meant for it too...:think:
    Hay Sax Had to take a week off, went down to Phoenix for some pastoral crisis intervention training. Wont be back until Sunday. So far though it has been ok. How about you?
    Nah, that's just good, old fashioned, impotent rage and it's as American as cardiovascular disease. Works out through the same vital organs too. Try this until someone brings you a bucket:
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