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  • Great points.

    Thanks buzz,....and if you saw serpentdove's response,...I'm gonna have a hey-day responding to that :)
    hello, i am sorry buzzword, i accidently reported one of your posts - it was meant for WORDSPONGE - I sent another one, telling Lucy. God Bless you ! ! !
    Thank you for your kind words in your rep to me about the post on how atheists can be in heaven. :)

    I had thought we were friends already... request sent!
    Thanks for your friend request. I accept it of course. To me strangers are people I haven't gotten to know yet.
    Thank you for the kindness Buzzword, but I have my moments when I'm feeling quite uncharitable, like most everyone else. Eventually I might have to do the same as you though, I've had to do it before with other people.

    On a happier note, I really enjoyed reading your post, and I'm really glad you took the time to write it.
    well, looks like the thread in our recent 'exchanges' has reached an all time low. Imagine that. that last response from genuineoriginal (go) doesn't merit a response.
    Hi buzz, been debating on whether to chime into your thread on 'what if I had gay children?' - looks like a bunch of flamers and trolls have muddied the waters,..but what do you expect eh? As you might know, I've been pro-active for the rights of all, and especially sharing a more liberal view of what the Bible says about homosexuality, the various interpretations, etc. I'd leave some links to some good coverage and resources for these issues, but how many are interested in continuing research and education? Its a wonderful world eh. Hope all is well :surf:
    Hey, you're welcome, it's a good thread. :) There is something satisfying about seeing the more zealous snap at each other too I admit, a guilty pleasure perhaps...:chuckle:

    Heck, I just realized I left you a message four years ago and you didn't reply. How ignorant...:mmph:

    It was... we talked about it in one of my psychology classes, and in a happy coincidence it happened to come about at the same time that I found it useful to post here the first time.

    I've seen this happen both online and in real life and it was a real epiphany for me and something I gave a lot of thought to when thinking differently about many things these days.
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