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This sub-forum is for discussion of the Global Flood of Noah and the Hydroplate Theory, by Dr. Walt Brown. Please keep discussion civil, where possible, and try to stay on topic, or at least within the boundaries of related topics, such as the creation week, and the Fall of Adam, and how they relate to the HPT.

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Basically, the flood was not simply caused by a miraculous 40 day rain. It was caused by the super-heated and pressurized water that God had created under the crust of the earth at creation. The crust of the earth ruptured and a massive explosion followed, ejecting some of earth into space in the process. Thus the asteroids , comets and meteoriods (and trans-neptunian objects). Many features on earth were caused by this event, including things like the mid-oceanic ridges.
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I have some of his books. Yay!