Trees Talk. Really! (Well, not REALLY, but... Really!) - Dec 19, 2023


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Trees Talk. Really! (Well, not REALLY, but... Really!)

Like a thermostat talking to the furnace, trees talk to one another, and even to the neighbors' furnaces, so to speak, and by the analogy, to many other devices. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams highlight Real Science Radio's existing reports at including on tree-ring dating and how seeds know which way is up and which is down (their cells produce an anchor that sinks so they can shoot up their stems in the opposite direction). The guys then review forest expert Tom Hennigan's report for Answers in Genesis on trees reproducing the saliva of attacking beetles to attract predators to come and get the beetles, and how for a sapling other trees will pull back their roots, and how in some species when one tree is diseased other trees will give up nutrients in hopes of nursing the sick tree back to health.
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