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I was talking about K through 12.

If you want to homeschool a kid K through 12 the state still has to approve of the online company you are using or else they will not certify that he ever went to school and then you could get into trouble for not ever having sent your kid to school.
That depends on the state. The list of states I provided does not apply to your claim.


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It IS relevant because if a kid gets 12 years of education and then cannot get his diploma because the state did not approve the curriculum then he is screwed now isn't he. Duhhhh!

Homeschooling is great for keeping kids away from bad kids and grooming teachers, but it still has to be approved by the state or else a kid does not get a diploma and then the state will demand that the kid still go to school.
I have 5 kids and I homeschooled all of them. I live in Oklahoma. I did not have to report to the local school board or to the state in anyway. They took their ACT and all went on to college and/or tech schools. They now have very successful jobs and are thriving. So I’d hold off on the “Duhhh” comment.