The Nonsense of Abiogenesis with Royal Truman, PhD Part I - Oct 10 2023


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The Nonsense of Abiogenesis with Royal Truman, PhD Part I

*Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship: Come out tonight and here Mr. Joel Tay of Creation Ministries International CMI. His talk is on "The Truth About Dinosaurs". People of all ages are captivated by dinosaurs. Unfortunately, evolutionists use dinosaurs to indoctrinate the young and the old with an earth history that includes millions of years but has no room for the Bible. But the Bible is the key to understanding these enigmatic ‘lizards’.

*Royal Truman PhD: Listen in to hear a highly trained chemist's explanation of abiogenesis theories and experiments in light of chemistry. Royal is fluent in five languages and received bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and computer science from SUNY Buffalo, an M.B.A from the University of Michigan, his PhD in organic chemistry from Michigan State, with post-graduate studies in bioinformatics at the universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg in Germany. Royal believes the God of Abraham created the universe recently, and that His Son Jesus Christ is the savior of the world.

*Ever Learning: But never coming to an understanding of the truth. Green Deal Assessor and alien theorist Christopher McFaddon gets our discussion on abiogenesis started with his list of currently fashionable theories for the origins of life without God.

*Throwing Water on Abiogenesis: Hear senior “astrobiologist” Dr. Mary Voytek respond to the question of water's relationship to the origin of life as posed to her by Bob Enyart and Real Science Radio.