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Very confused: Jason0047, Redeemed-777, Rightglory, DansingWall, Nang, glew, wordsponge, Princely, jerzy, elohiym, PneumaPsucheSoma, kayaker, drws, republicanchick, Arsenios,Hawkins, Puppet, rougueone, Dan Emanual, StanJ, Interplanner, Sancocho, Shasta, Robert Pate, Nazaroo, Livelystone, fzappa13, iamaberean, disturbo, Timotheos, daqq, brewmama, False Prophet, themuzicman, achduke, popsthebuilder, serpentdove, dodge

Totally bonkers: Squeaky, Gurucam, LoverOfTruth1, Wednesday Addams, chrysostom, beloved57, Prizebeatz1

Perverter of scripture: tetelestai

Christ deniers: Lazy afternoon,meshak,oatmeal,Caino,JosephR,freelight,csuguy,1Mind1Spirit,

Christ haters: aikido7,Zeke,Ben Masada
Immensely confused and proud of it: turbosixx (and a scripture perverter:

Here is logic.

He says they didn't add then he says on the contrary so that means THEY did add. So what do they give him?

Cathoholics: Cruciform,glassjester,Nihilo,Trump Gurl

Cannot be communicated with and a perverter of scripture: Cross Reference

God's Truth: Thinks that Jesus is "the Father with a body". So therefore, thinks that Jesus was talking to Himself during His earthly ministry. Such modalist confusion.

Roseritter is also a modalist that thinks that God is an actor, like Harrison Ford.

dodge is a habitual liar and follows his leader: Judas Iscariot.
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