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Tambora sends a heater down the pipe in "On Rape (the original statement)" in a reply to Ok Doser. :first:

You have repeatedly attempted to say that the woman raped shares in the guilt of the rapist.
You have done that by attempting to say that it was the actions of the woman that incited the rapist to go through with rape.
But we have just determined that a rapist is not to rape no matter what the situation presents, and no matter what others around you chose to do.

In short, you have tried to claim that the woman got what she deserved because of her actions.

I beat my wife because she made me mad.
I smothered the kid because she was a constant crier.
I raped the woman because she was stripping.

Perverts always want to lay some of the blame on the victim for their own perverted deeds.
And YOU are telling them it's not only reasonable for them to think and act that way, but it should even be expected for them to think and act that way.

Not only are you setting up a standard in which the rapist has an excuse to share the blame, but you are also wanting to drag women into that same perverted mindset (that they should share the blame of what the rapist did).



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