More evidence of systemic racism against blacks?


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To some, Darry Brooks is not a terrorist murderer but a poor victim of attacks by 'white-run media and law enforcement' for demonizing and dehumanizing him for 'accidentally' killing some people standing in the street in the way of his car. Such is the mindset behind modern CRT ideology.

Darryl Brooks, the Waukesha killer who killed six people with his SUV, is currently rotting away in a cell. He's being held on $5,000,000 bail. That is $4,999,000 more bail than the last time he attempted vehicular homicide. While in jail, Brooks would like you to know he is less than thrilled with how he is being treated. As a quartet of tiny violins starts playing the intro to "Bittersweet Symphony," please enjoy this video.

Brooks, who was surprised to find out he had visitors, told Fox News Digital that he feels "dehumanized." Also, he feels that he's being treated as a monster and is, quote, being "demonized."