Bob's take on Hamas|Revolution Vs. Independence - Nov 13 2023


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Bob's take on Hamas|Revolution Vs. Independence

Bob Enyart brings his 30 years of broadcasting from a biblical worldview, and nearly 50 years of teaching the Bible, to bear on answering the question: "If France's Revolutionary War was evil as so many Christians agree that it was, how can we justify America's War of Independence?" Hint: Acts 17:26 when compared to the same truth regarding what a family is.

Today's Resource: Authority
Authority Bible Study by Bob Enyart
While many believe that authority is formed from the ground up (like a democracy where the president gets his authority from the people), in this study we see that is not the case. In reality (as we’ll see in the Bible) authority, like water, flows downhill. God is the ultimate authority, and like reality, authority flows from Him. He delegates authority to angels, then government, then church, then family. Even within the family, the man has dominion over his wife, who has dominion over her children. And then, even the kid can kick the cat off the couch.