Black racist Critical Race Theory is undermining the US Military


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Stupidity in democrat promotion of black racist supremacy is damaging the US in many different ways, including creating confusion, division, and low morale levels. Democrats created and perpetrated the lying dogma that whites and cops are racist and idiots are taking the lie to new levels of insanity. America needs to rid itself of this lying leftist dogma.

The complaints follow Pentagon efforts to stamp out extremism in the ranks after current and former troops were identified in the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. In February, the Pentagon directed military units to hold a one-day “stand-down” to address extremism within the ranks.


A post like this should have had some discussion on it. The Democrats destruction of the military is a very real thing and a very dangerous thing, especially since we already shrink the military down to a tiny fragment of what it used to be