A look at Isaiah 54:11-55 and John 9:1-10:42


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ISAIAH 54:11-55:5

“Navi Yeshayahu” (Prophet Isaiah) speaks as directed by the Holy Spirit, as a father who comforts his children, promising them blessings, but begins with “Unhappy, storm-tossed one”, meaning that Israel has been through a lot, deportation to Babylon, destruction of the temple, scattered throughout the nations of the world…YET…blessings, protection, etc. will follow for THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD. Yes, for THOSE who SERVE the LORD. Yes, we have to be on HIS side, part of HIS FAMILY, and walk in OBEDIENCE.

Again, we can not get away from the "Blessing" or the "curse" which line up with the "Father-Son" or "Father-children" relationship. Just as a father will punish his children for wrong-doing, and the children might call it a "curse" going to their room without dinner, or taking TV, or video privileges away from them, taking the cell phone away (now THAT's a curse!) I mean, they think so. I grew up in the 1960s when cell phones were non-existent. Even the paddle or belt across the fanny. Yet, the father wants to teach their children lessons, to follow the "commandments" of the home, or else. While they are under Mom and Dad's rule, they need to obey because they are in a relationship. That's the key word; "relationship".

Israel, and now all born-again believers are in a "relationship" with our Heavenly Father through Yeshua/Jesus. The relationship covenant was set down in blood, in Messiah's blood "HaDam Yeshua". Now that we are family members, we need to follow the rules to receive the "blessing" or ignore his commandments, and receive the "curse". Today it is no different than yesteryear. We are blessed by the "blessings" or suffer through "the curse" yet "salvation" is a fixed covenant already ours through Yeshua's blood. We are not saved by following the commandments, but rather by trusting in HIM who shed his blood for us all.

” Come, all who are thirsty, come for water….” (Chap 55) Yeshua mentions LIVING WATER (himself) on Hoshanah Raba (the eighth day of Sukkot) and also, to the woman of Samaria, this water is available to US ALL, if we just choose to drink of his WORD. If we have been distancing ourselves from the Living Water (Mayim Chayim) we need to "turn around and return" (shoov, Teshuvah) to the source. Thursday starts a 40-day period of "Awe" We are entering into the Hebrew month of "Elul" which is a "soul-searching" time of reflection on our personal relationship with God, culminating on "Yom Kippur" in the month of Tishrei. It's time to return to the LORD if we have strayed away.

JOHN 9:1-10:42

This is the story of the healing of the blind man. Yeshua spat in the dust and make him “new eyes!” What a miracle, and why not? Are we not made from the dust of the earth (Adamah)? So Yeshua takes the same dust and adds his own spittle (a form of water) and now, the blind man washes in the “Pool of Siloach” (which means “sent”) So, we see this; a man who has a defect (blindness) meets Yeshua (The Living God) who made man from the dust of the earth, puts dust on the blind man’s eyes, add a bit of water, then “sends” the man to wash in the pool that means “Sent” and then, he sees!

There are many who are blind spiritually, they cannot or don’t want, or will not “see” the truth. They see it, yet they don’t. The Bible is TRUTH yet many just see a book with stories in it, yet when the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of the spiritually blind, then, they can now SEE! The difference between the “clean” and the “unclean” the “worldly” and “Holy”, “obedience” and “disobedience” before they were blind, and now they can see. We were all blind, yet now, we can see! Baruch HaShem!

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