(8-21-22) The Weekly Worldview - Terminal Adolescents


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Terminal Adolescents
Posted on August 21, 2022
Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host to find out what it means to grow up.

Hear how the “Flash Mob” became the “Flash Loot“, how actor Ezra Miller’s cry for help was answered by urinalist Natalie Dreier at Cox Media, and how Homosexuality destroyed the family of Nancy Heche.

Regal Cinema’s can’t go away fast enough. It’s just an matter of time ’till the end of the girl’s school, (and if the left has their way… of girls). and reason number 1,993 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools? The counselor might “counsel” your kid in between soliciting minors for prostitution.

In Texas government school administrators are threatening to review the Bible. In Shanghai you might get “Shanghaied” into a COVID lock-down at the store. And Seth Dillon held his own against the intransigent vulgarity of child killer Joe Rogan.

The feds are pushing to mask you on your next flight, some murders are legal in Kentucky, and while China lays in wait for Taiwan, one criminal gang in Ukraine appears to have blown up the daughter of another criminal gang leader in Russia.

All that plus: never growing up confused, and why liberals prefer a shower of needles to adult water management policy in America’s desert southwest.