2 Samuel 6:1-7:17 and Mark 14:1-72


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2 SAMUEL 6:1-7:17

We see another case of “good intentions” which ended up bad. The Aron Ha Kodesh (Ark of the Covenant) had been in the hands of the Philistines for some time, YHVH cursed them and caused them to return it to Israel. David received it with glory and honor, HOWEVER, He did not transport it CORRECTLY, to Yerushalayim. It should have been brought back on the shoulders of the Levites, bearing it on the appropriate staves. Instead, it was on an ox cart being driven by oxen. As we read the story, the oxen stumbled, and to keep the Ark from falling off the cart, Uzzah put out his hands and touched the ark, holding it to keep it from falling.

ZAP! Uzzah was fried! He meant well, he was sincere, but…he was sincerely WRONG. NO ONE was allowed to touch the Ark, NO ONE! Only the Levite priests could carry it on poles. Today, many might want to come to the LORD on THEIR STANDARDS, doing THEIR OWN THING. If today’s times were like times back in the old days, back in the old Bible days, we might all have been ZAPPED! Years ago

Yet we serve a loving, forgiving God, who will put up with our issues, ways of doing things, our tongues, attitudes, etc., By the death of Yeshua our Mashiach, we have free access to the Throne of Grace. But “Kodesh” (Holiness) still comes ONLY through YESHUA.

The grace of God is longlasting and longsuffering. When we deserve death, he gives us life. No wonder Paul said the New Covenant was better than the Old Covenant. In the Old Covenant, sins were only covered, in the New Covenant, our sins were blotted out completely by Yeshua/Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. In the days of the Old Covenant, the punishment of sin was strict. In the New Covenant, Yeshua/Jesus took all that punishment upon himself once and forever.

MARK 14:1-72

YESHUA and his talmidim celebrate Passover. The original Passover in Goshen consisted only of roasted lamb or goat, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread. But during this time of fellowship, the “last Supper” a few more elements had been added, the “sop” (Charoseth) which is a mix of apples, nuts, cinnamon, honey, and wine.

He has his twelve together, and Y’hudah Ish Kariot, made his exit, the worst mistake a man can make, He lived and followed Messiah for three years and learned nothing.

The unleavened bread symbolized his body, which was/would be broken, for THEM and ALL OF US.

The wine symbolized his Blood, which was shed/would be shed for THEM and ALL OF US.

The shepherd was struck, and the sheep were scattered! Yet 50 days later, the shepherd returned in Spirit form and HE is STILL WITH US. Yeshua rose from the dead, ascended into Heaven, and returned with his Holy Spirit. Indeed, the curse of sin and death had been conquered, Baruch HaShem!!

As Yeshua submitted to the will of the FATHER, right there in the Garden, let us also be guided by the perfect will of God, in ALL areas of our life.

Shavua Tov Have a good week.