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  • Hmm? Oh, I was you had a post in his hello thread and it was deleted by you and it made me curious. Nothing more to it really. How's it shaking, as the kids say...well, said then...when the world was young. :)
    Okay, I'm feeling sufficiently nosy. :) Why did you edit out your welcome to Christismystrength? Not that it matters given the one post wonder nature of the dog cussed him, didn't you. :shocked: That's why he never came back. :smack: :)
    Must have been a long time back, for I have been banned from there for way over a year . . . this last time around.
    :IA: :chuckle: So I put a photo in there. No cane in sight. And the glasses aren't even prescription. :mmph: :eek:
    This was a long struggle which took much study to understand. Saving faith is submission of mind, and soul to the wise and sovereign rule of God over the destiny of all men . . .including those men who are not His and who were never chosen for redemption in Christ. The HARDEST truth of all.
    Yes, me too. I just noticed this afternoon it was not formal. I just posted about Double Predestination on the Schubert thread asking about salvation for those not hearing the gospel, so if you want to change your mind, let me know! :D
    Just keep giving the biblical truth. That is the best needle of all!
    Thanks. I suppose I suspect the whole elect/predestination bit is a misapprehension of how God relates to time. Doing fine. Cutting grass and readying myself for a trek to the beach in the afternoon to watch Jack skip along the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Same to you. :cheers:
    Hiya Tot. I'll admit to being confused by a recent post of yours though. If you believe Calvinists have gummed up the popular translation and Armenians the rest...what the blazes are you reading? :eek:

    I am aware of it. Winning a debate is secondary in my purpose. Because winning would envlove an admission on the others part that you are right. And that never happens. My primary purpose is to show to others, not the ones I debate with, that these people are wrong.

    Dear Tot, I was playing w/you but my grandma always said if you play rough eventually someone is going to get too rough! So sorry if I got too witchy!
    i dont get this system yet... but i will leave a message... and it may go off into Oblivion... instead of to Totten L... but...

    that's the way it goes w/ technology and me...
    Hi my name is rainee
    I asked why you were banned while you were gone because it was curious to me how things like that happened here.

    I am going to confess something that happened to me years and years ago, if you do not mind.

    I went into a bar with my friend. We were not dressed terribly revealing, but we were attractive I must confess.
    There was a rugby team in the bar already and when we walked in they wanted to talk to us. They said some crude like things to us while trying to come on to us and we replied with a couple of slightly insulting but witty things in return.
    And guess what happened then?
    The bouncer, big and strong, came over to us and said the bartender wanted us to leave. Us. The pretty and nice ones.


    Over the years my answer to that has changed and become refined.

    But it doesn't matter why now, what matters is that is the way for a bartender to stop things from going any further.

    It is the only time I have ever been kicked out of a place. So far.

    I hope all will go well for you and that you will have a good and fun time now.
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