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  • Would u deny the feminine aspect of God? Remember man is both 'male' and 'female', being the image and likeness of their Creator, but man is one humanity, like the Godhead is u agree? I honor the divine Mother and Heavenly Father, since God is both.
    Good Evening, Dear Sister! So very thoughtful of you!! I hope that your Thanksgiving was gravy and that your Christmas is even more souper!!
    Heheehehehh! I meant 'groovy' and 'super'. Actually, I do hope that the Lord shines through your eyes and heart this Christmas, Theo!! You got to Make It Count!!
    Thanks. I don't always walk the high road, but I try...and try to keep a sense of humor about all of it. Failing that, I apologize. :cheers:
    I've lived in St. louis all my life and they used to be numerous here, but not anymore. There are none - zero - nada. Maybe in rural areas but not here. Google the loss of lightning bugs and see what they say, they are diminishing fast !! I love the little buggers
    Dear theo,

    How are you doing?!! Sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. This time, I am posting this Visitor Message the right way, so that I can read it here and you can read it on your end also. I'm finally getting the hang of it, but I've thought that before and found out I was still in the dark. This time though, I think I've got it down.

    It must be a different Thomas Road Baptist Church if they aren't in Phoenix, Arizona. We aren't televised that I know of. Of course, I do go to the evening service, so who knows what they are doing in the morning! Just joking!! Our church is small, like 100-200 parishioners. But we do have a baptismal in a certain building that is part of the Church. We are a good, close and friendly Church and there is a lot of hugs and handshaking going on. I go to Church in the evening, because I am a night owl. Oh well, I'd best get going and check out my thread.

    Tons of Love To You, theophilus!!

    I was in the hospital, I collapsed from heat exhaustion and stopped breathing, it took me four days to recover, thanks for missing me
    Dearest theo, All is going well here. Am checking out diabetes and cancer concerns. Am quite happy and joyful though. Hey, Thanks So Very Much for sticking up for me on Chrysostom's thread. I think you and Rusha, and patrick jane are unbeatable friends. I am so proud of you all!! I actually have friends that go and bat for me when needed. Really, you don't know how very much it meant to me. I wrote him {Chrysostom} a post and I'm sure he has replied. I will have to check it out when I have time, which isn't going to be tonight. I told him that I probably won't reply to any more posts from him, but if time permits, then maybe. I am stuck with much email and posting on my Creation thread. God Be With You In Your Darkest Of Times!! NEVER give Him up!! Remain steadfastly faithful, even if only in your heart. Longer Boats are coming to win us!! Hope you understand all of this.

    Praise God In The Highest!! MC
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