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  • You didn't comment in the thread I started about Mike Rowe and Bernie Sanders and school! :sibbie: ;)
    wow, i'm the last vm from march ? - hi, i know what a berean is now. i have always been one - go figure
    Technically. I started to post before you made the post then, somewhere in the middle of it, Jack said, "Help me..." and I was off on a ten minute side bar. :)
    Heck no but I can tell you some crazy stories about when I've been drunk and I had taken Taikwondo. (sp) Kicked holes in a couple of doors with my heal. Poor husband, I have no clue why he stayed with me. Oh yes I do, he said God helped him, seriously. When I'm drunk, I completely lose my mind anymore. I've laid out in the street to commit suicide. My husband has a great sense of humor and when he talks about me laying in the street he put it this way, "You were trying to be a speed bump."

    All of the neighbors have seen me in my panties. I'm real entertaining. :eek:

    I don't know how I digressed into this topic! :chuckle:
    Hi The Berean,

    I saw your thread for Catholics. I intend to respond to your question, but it will have to be later since I am at work now and can't take the time to write a proper response.
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